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Player Re-signing

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by deanomcfee91, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. @VGFL Member

    Once again more rules have been broken. honestly guys is it really that hard to check the rules before you do something. can all members take the following rule into consideration.

    4. You are allowed to re-sign or franchise tag 6 players/year.

    The following players:

    @BigDaddyGiants - You have resigned 8
    @Proxjr - You have resigned 13
    @Bigeasyry - You have resigned 7

    You 3 will be receiving a warning because you have personally resigned them without checking the rules.

    @rymacd588 - You have personally re-signed 2 players but your team has re-signed 10 which the other coach contributed to. Please go though the list and decide which contracts you would like to revoke. Also take into consideration the players you haven't negotiated with yet.

    You won't receive a warning

    Please post here ASAP. Failure to do so will result in me deciding who you want to keep and guess what i wont be kind.
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  2. Sorry I didnt think my team had re-signed anyone. Wasn't sure there was a coach before me. So I should cut 4 players that re-signed at the end of season or now?
  3. no i can revoke the contracts that was given in the editor so they will hit FA
  4. Ok.Please revoke Hayden, Hyder Jr, Prater and Whitehead.
  5. Done
  6. @VGFL Member

    Please remember that teams can only re-sign 6 players a year. If you are over this you will need to tell us which player you are NOT re-signing. If you took over the team late and the CPU had made some re-signings that you do not want then we can also cancel these if you tell us in advance.

    There are the current numbers:

    49ers: 4
    Bears: 6
    Bengals: 3
    Bills: 4 (Incognito retired)
    Broncos: 4
    Browns: 2 (Joe Thomas retired)
    Buccaneers: 4
    Cardinals: 4
    Chargers: 5 (Tyrell Williams edited and cut)
    Chiefs: 6 (Pierre-Louis & Phillips edited and awaiting cut)
    Colts: 6 (Geathers & Develin released)
    Cowboys: 0
    Dolphins: 5
    Eagles: 5
    Falcons: 6 (Hardy and Bryant edited to 1 year)
    Giants: 5
    Jaguars: 0
    Jets: 6
    Lions: 4
    Packers: 4 (Nelson retired)
    Panthers: 4
    Patriots: 6
    Raiders: 6 (Jalen Richards edited and awaiting cut)
    Rams: 6
    Ravens: 6
    Redskins: 6 (Reece was cut)
    Saints: 6 (Te'o & Sherman edited and cut)
    Seahawks: 6 (Terren Jones and Mike Morgan edited and cut)
    Steelers: 6 (Wiliams, Alualu & Coates all edited down to 1 year)
    Texans: 5
    Titans: 6
    Vikings: 5

    Last updated at Anthony Sherman Cut

    You can see the players resigns from earlier in the season on THIS video

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    #6 dwevans, Jan 29, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2018
  7. Redskins on 3 for the avoidance of doubt or dwevans going MIA around resigning time.
  8. Can I please franchise tag Jason Verett? And edit Tyrell Williams back to 1 year please?
    #8 Fazak, Feb 6, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018

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