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Player Absence

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. @Registered

    Please find in the first post all absences we are currently aware of. If you miss 6 games or more in the season then we will remove you from league if there been no discussion with a commissioner prior to your absents.

    Current Absentees:

    @1874Craig - Return week 3
    @JemH15 - Return Week 5
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  2. On the subject of absences, is there an area for notification of holidays etc?
  3. This will be the place. We will enter it in thread one if your on holiday based upon what game you will miss

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  4. I won't be available Sept 30th oct 1st & 2nd away for the London saints game
  5. As long as you can play your game on advance on Thursday then you may not miss a game.

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  6. Week 5 is my bye week anyway I just remembered so I'm set to play week 4 no issues
  7. I'll be unavailable from Thursday the 7th to Tuesday the 12th of September. Away to organise week 1 game for before Thursday.
  8. Ok so we will put you on AP for week 2 game.
  9. ill be away from october 1 st mate for 2 weeks on holiday mate
  10. Huh? Your not in madden league Neil lol. This ain't FIFA thread.

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  11. Thee a been a change of plan. I will be available for week 2 so I can play my fixtures as planned as I won't be away until end of September, early October.
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  12. Out for this week
    Sorry dudes i must go on auto
    Still Working hard.. Not at home
    Working Another airport
    Fire and rescue
  13. Maybe we can fix our game early tomorrow
  14. Just a note for the commissioners I will be unavailable between Friday the 29th - Monday the 2nd of October as I'm in London
  15. Hi, I'll be away from the 28th of September to the 10th of October. I'll put myself on AP before I go.
  16. I'm not available from today until Monday due to work and other commitments, apologies
  17. Hey I am away for work from October 20th to November 5th at 5pm.

    I'll be on AP for the following:
    Week 15 Bears
    Week 16 Bengals
    Week 17 Packers

    I'll be back for the offseason. Can't wait to fix my team!

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. Im going to miss the first game of the season due to being away from Monday 20th until Thursday 23rd, apologies
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  19. I am away tonight until Tuesday 21st shouldn't impact regular season
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  20. Superbowl weekend in Boston, away Friday 2nd - Tuesday 6th Feb

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