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Play Off Review!

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by Readie_8, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. VGFL Playoff Review
    With an amazing week of high importance games, we move on to the big stage. This years play-offs have huge power houses who will be looking to dominate their conference and then take home the prize come February. We will go through each team and look at what will be the success to their playoff run.

    New England Patriots

    We all thought that at some point, the aging Tom Brady would fall off, but oh how we were wrong. Brady continues to terrorise teams and add to the argument that he is the greatest of all time.

    At the tenderly age of 41, and in his 18th NFL Season, Tom Brady has put up 4000+ yards for the 9th time in his career and has put up 30+ touchdowns for the 7th time in his career. Brady has been a leader for this talented offence, and it seems he hasn’t thrown a bad pass all year. He is playing at a 140.6 Quarterback rating and only has 5 interceptions to his name. That is the main reason why the Patriots are once again the first seed in the conference. If Tom Brady keeps up his season form, expect to see him lifting the trophy at the end of the year and adding a 7th ring to his collection.

    Although Brady has shined, there are others who should be credited for the success of the Patriots. The Patriots receiving core has been flying high all year, with Gronk at 10 Touchdowns and just under 1000 yards. The patriots have a whopping FOUR wide-receivers with 700+ yards and two with 800+ yards. They also had the help of the rookie Vorheese Carson who has put up 1250 rushing yards and an astonishing 20 Touchdowns. Carson has burst straight on the scene and is looking to be a future superstar. Their offence ranks first in points and yards and are putting on a show each time their offence is on the field.

    New England’s defence hasn’t been letting much up either, ranking 2nd in Points allowed and 3rd in yards allowed, and also have the best run defence in the entire league too. They’ve had Anthony Barr lurking around the middle of the field all year who racked up 9 interceptions, 8 sacks and four forced fumbles. Having Ndamukong Suh in the middle has bulked up their run defence. There defence is one of the most feared in the league and will be a tough wall to break down come the play-offs.

    New York Giants

    The Giants defence have been shutting down teams all year and helped take their team to 14-1. Eric Wilson has 2 forced fumbles and 11 interceptions, Landon Collins has 10 interceptions and DRC has racked up 4 interceptions of his own. This defence is taking over games and ensuring they give their offence all they need to win games. Turnovers have been a massive part of the success of the Giants and have allowed them to take control of the games. Landon Collins has put up a strong case for defensive player of the year and seems like the players around him bounce off his energy and are also making plays. The defence are sitting top of yards allowed, points allowed, passing yards allowed and are 4th in rushing yards around. This is truly a historic defence for the Giants and I’m sure even Giants legend Lawrence Taylor is proud of the players.

    The offence has done exactly what the defence has asked of them, which is score. David Webb has been impressive all year round with 3378 yards, 28 Touchdowns while performing at a 121.2 Quarterback rating. Webb is coming off a fantastic rookie season, and although he hasn’t matched the numbers he put up last season, he has still shone in his sophomore year. Odell Beckham JR has been putting on a show all year and is Webbs’ favourite receiver with 1182 and 11 touchdowns in 57 catches. Evan Ingram isn’t far behind him with 847 yards and 6 touchdowns in 49 catches. The offence has also had a star rookie in their backfield in Walker George, who has put together 1487 yards and 20 rushing touchdowns. The Giants have performed on each third

    Cleveland Browns

    Two years ago the Cleveland Browns were the laughing stock of the NFL, winning just one game, but times have changed. For the second year in a row they have put together a great season and has shown that there is still life in what was a dying franchise. The Browns have the second seed in the AFC with a 13-3 record. The Browns look like they may be the team to take down the Brady Bunch and prevent Bradys seventh ring. Myles Garret has lead the Cleveland Browns to a 13-3 record with 28 sacks and 7 forced fumbles. Deshone Kizer had proved the critics wrong and has put up fantastic numbers and has lead an electric offence to the 3rd rank in points, 8th in yards and 16th in passing yards. They have also had Isaiah Crowell performing at an all pro level with 1569 yards and 11 touchdowns, which has helped them control games. The defence has been the catalyst of the browns success ranking 3rd in points allowed, 4th in yards allowed and is in the top 4 for both passing and rushing defence.

    The Browns have the second seed in the AFC and have topped the AFC North with 3 more wins than the Bengals. They have been shutting down opponents all year and will hope to do the same come the play-offs. The Browns will be well rested as they have earned themselves a bye-week which means all there players will be healthy and roaring to go. Cleveland are heading into the play-offs with ZERO injuries. This means they have all the weapons they need to go to the big game. They may end up facing off against the patriots like last year, where they came to a roadblock and lost. They will hope they learned a lesson from last years playoffs and will have the edge if they happen to get to the AFC Championship game.

    Atlanta Falcons

    The Falcons have been having a great year and will hope the form can continue in the playoffs. The Falcons have been dominant in a weak NFC South and has more than double the wins than the next best team in their division. The Falcons have a very balanced team with their offence being 4th in points scored and 10th in points allowed. This balance has allowed them to control games on both sides of the ball. Matt Ryan is showing his MVP play again this year with 3735 yards and 31 Touchdowns. He has also been handing the ball off to a playmaker all year in Devonta Freeman who has 1527 yards and 14 Touchdowns.

    Matt Ryans’ favourite receiver was of course, the amazing Julio Jones. He’s got 11 touchdowns, along with 1219 yards in 56 catches. Austin Hooper also has 899 yards and 6 touchdowns. Their receiving core has been at its best this year with multiple players getting receptions.

    On the defensive side, Vic Beasley JR has 13 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. Deion Jones has also been causing problems for other teams with 58 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions. Keanu Neal and Desmond Trufant have both been putting receivers on lockdown all year in the falcons secondary.

    A HUGE concern going into the play-offs is injuries. Julio Jones, possibly the best receiver in the league is out for 8 weeks, so he won’t see the field again this year. They also have Devonta Freeman out for 4 weeks. There would be a chance he plays if they get to the superbowl, but that isn’t an easy task, especially with big play-makers not available.

    Green Bay Packers

    The Green Bay packers have been a hard team to beat all year with a 12-4 record. The reason for their success is the offence. They rank 5th in points and yards, 4th in passing yards and 16th in rushing yards. Once again Aaron Rodgers has lit up the league with his Hall of Fame skills. He has 3868 yards and 34 touchdowns. He has been creating highlight reels again this year and has been pure entertainment to watch, but it wasn’t a complete fairy tale and there definitely wasn’t a happy ending. Aaron Rodgers fractured his knee cap nearing the end of the regular season, and is out for 46 WEEKS. We may not even see him on the field next year, or ever again, as he is getting to an old age.

    This injury has killed all the anticipation for a superbowl run for the packers, as they are not going to have possibly the best quarterback ever on the field. Brett Hundley may take over and be a star, but not many are optimistic. The Packers may need to rely on their defence to win them games, which is unusual for them this year, as there defence ranks 21st in points allowed, 16th in yards, 20th passing yards and 15th in rushing yards. These stats seems to tell us that this may not be a defence which scares many opponents, especially the Giants who has an unstoppable offence.

    The biggest playmaker on defence is Haha Clinton-Dix, who has 5 turnovers overall. He will need to be a leader to the players around him, and motivate them to play out of their skin if they are hoping for a deep playoff run. Jake Ryan will need to perform at his best and force fumbles like he did 3 times this year. He could be crucial in their run and can contribute a lot if he can turn the ball over.

    Arizona Cardinals

    Despite not being the best bird in the NFC West, the Cardinals have been very impressive this year. The rushing game has stood out as their main strength, with David Johnson putting up 1528 yards and 19 touchdowns. He has been averaging 6.8 yards which has helped the offence move the ball all year. Jester Weah has also caught 54 passes for 1293 yards and 12 touchdowns. The offence rank 9th in points and 8th in rushing yards. Carson Palmer has only 2731 and 22 touchdowns but has had Johnson to rely on to get the yards.

    The defence have also been impressive this year, ranking 4th in points allowed and 2nd in yards allowed. Everyone has been working hard and hustling for the ball, with 5 players with 3+ turnovers. Budda Baker has the most interceptions with 3 and haason Reddick leads forced fumbles with 3. They have been working together as a unit and will be a fearsome defence for the play-offs.

    On the negative side, they have lost Jester Weah to injury for four weeks, so Palmer won’t have his favourite receiver, and will need others to step up and fill his place. He is out for 4 weeks, which means if they are playing in February, we may see him on the field one last time this season.

    Kansas City Chiefs

    The Chiefs are the third seed in the AFC and have stood out as one of the best teams this year. They have an 11-5 record and have been performing on both offence and defence. Patrick Mahomes has been significantly better this year than last with a whopping 3945 yards, 27 touchdowns in 429 attempts, playing at an 86.1 QB rating. He has had an incredible chemistry with his receivers and has thrown the ball all around the field. His favourite receiver was the big tight end Travis Kelce, who had 60 receptions, 902 yards and 5 touchdowns. McKinnon has also had some bright sparks this year with 9 touchdowns and 736 yards.

    The Chiefs defence has been playing at a high standard all year, ranking 12th in points allowed and also 3rd in passing yards allowed. Eric Berry has been a hawk all around the field with 7 interceptions and has also forced three fumbles. Justin Houston has been a quarterback’s worse nightmare with 27 sacks. He has been putting pressure on quarterbacks all year and forces quick throws which can lead to interceptions. He is one player to watch for in the playoffs, as he may me a key role in a long run for the Chiefs.

    LA Rams

    The Rams have been a defensive powerhouse this year and have been stopping good offences all year. They sit at 11-5 and are in good form going into the playoffs. The rams rank 5th in points allowed, and have been winning a lot of games on defence for most of the season. The offence have also been getting it done and are seeing out games. They are 19th in points scored and are being lead by Jamie Brunt who has just under 3000 yards and 23 touchdowns on the year. He has taken Goff’s place and has become a fan favourite for the rams.

    Todd Gurley has had his hands full as well with 865 yards but only 4 touchdowns. He helps move the chains with his carries but will not be the star of the team in the play-offs. The standout player will be Aaron Donald who seems to be un-blockable. He has 41 tackles and 10 sacks this year and has been ruining QB’s chances of getting the ball off all year. He has forced QB’s to throw the ball quick and this has lead to bad reads and interceptions. The interceptions have been caught by Alexander who has 6 and Johnson who has 5. Even Mark Barron has 4 of his own.

    They have won 5 of their last 7 and will want to take their good form into the play-offs for a long run. They will need their defence to carry on demolishing teams and also have their offence still moving the ball well and putting up enough points to win a game.

    Cincinnati Bengals

    The 10-6 Bengals may go under the radar in the playoffs due to only being a wildcard team, but they shouldn’t be overlooked for good reasons. The Bengals are ranked 6th in Points and 3rd in Yards which proves they are more than capable of moving the ball. They also lead rushing yards averaging 155.8 per game. Jeremy Hill has broke records with his 1736 yards this year and also has 13 touchdowns for all his hard work. He has been the spark in this offence which has lead them to the playoffs. John Ross has also been performing well with 1076 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns.

    The downfall of the Bengals may be their defence, where they rank 23rd in yards allowed and 14th in points allowed. They will need to improve drastically especially in yards allowed if they hope for a long playoff run. They will hope the likes of Byron Maxwell will be able to lead them through as he has had heavy play-off experience in the past with the Seahawks. The Bengals will also need Burfict to play clean as penalty flags have cost them in the past, so he will need to be on his best behaviour.

    The Indianapolis Colts

    Andrew Luck has carried his team to a 9-7 record this year with 3068 yards and 19 touchdowns. Luck has had to do this with no run game, as there best rusher has 592, and even Luck has 231 this year. Luck has relied on Woodard to catch most of the passes. He has 48 receptions for 749 yards and 7 touchdowns.

    The defence has performed well this year with Malik Hooker racking up 7 turnovers. This defence needs to carry these performances into the playoffs to ensure they have a chance of even getting into the superbowl. If they can keep getting possession and good field position, they will be able to score more and maybe win games with small scores. They have shown good signs through this year but don’t expect a long run this year.

    Denver Broncos

    The Denver Broncos had a late push to get into the play-offs with a 9-7 record. The reason they made it was mainly due to the defence, who ranked 7th in points allowed. They were forcing turnovers all year and Brandon Marshall lead the team with 4 interceptions. Aqib Talib and Justin Simmons also had 3 each. This defence may be able to carry the team to another championship, as we all know the saying, defence wins superbowls. We may see a repeat of Superbowl 50 in the way they will need to win, as they do not rank high in the offensive ranks.

    Although they do not rank high, QB Will Grier has put up great numbers which include 3289 yards and 24 touchdowns. C.J Anderson has also had a good year with 947 rushing yards but it seems the Broncos have not been as dominant on offence as possible, and this may prevent them from going to the big game. They will need to ensure they execute better and need to put up more points to do well this year.

    Washington Redskins

    The Washington Redskins Just about made it to the playoffs this year and were carried by the MVP candidate Kirk Cousins, who has been playing out of this world. He has 4572 yards and 24 touchdowns on the year and will be hard to stop in the playoffs. He hasn’t had much help with rushing, which will need to improve come the playoffs as his best rusher only has 497 yards in 128 attempts.

    The receiving core for the redskins has been balling all year and will hope to be that good in the playoffs. Pryor has the most yards with 930 which is closely followed by Jordan Reed who has 909. Crowder has also contributed with 766 yards himself. Jordan Reed leads touchdowns with 8 and is a good, big target for Cousins in the redzone.

    The skins defence has been middle of the pile all year, ranking in-between 10th and 20th. They have forced turnovers with Zach Brown getting 4 and Cravens getting 3, but they still have a lot of work to do before becoming a dominant defence. The redskins do have a slight chance to reach the big game, but it will rely on the shoulders of Kirk Cousins.

    I hope you enjoy this playoff review! I apologize for the huge delay as ive been super b at work! Please let me know if you liked the post on telegram @Readie_8
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