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PC Gaming

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by VillanUK, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Is anyone else into or getting into pc gaming, thought i would start a thread here to see if their was any intrest here apart from avforums, and what games we could play on and offline.
  2. You want to takeover official VGF steam group buddy?
  3. I no Risk and pink isn't well do a fair bit of PC gaming
  4. After tonight's match I want to hang myself !!!!

    Always happy to help vg when ever, but it just monitor the intrest here. It's massive on av, so maybe vg could tap into that and generate intrest but also for the members here who may want to hook up with fellow vg'ers. More so as I want to start some pc gaming again.
  5. I may give them a shout up on that. ;)
  6. Started off in PC gaming with the likes of Counter strike 1.6, Unreal tournament 1-3, Quake and the CoD's upto MW2, but after a break and getting into mortgages!! I went for a PS3 as it was cheaper than building an up to date gaming rig. though the cost of PS3 games is not!!
    One day when money prevails i'll go back as the graphics and gameplay with mouse and keyboard are superior on a PC
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  7. Agreed, the cost can be expensive but i have got a new rig without the state of the art GF card but good enough to play the new games on a lower resolution if needed.

    I started way back on Mohaa and CS and played in the leagues on the PC. I do miss the mouse a Kb, but tired of playing shitty games on the PS now..
  8. Villain send me a friend request on Steam and I'll see if I can change you to owner or at least some sort of Admin status so you can control it all, no point me having it when I'm never on it. Same for any of the other PC chaps we have already can give them same status and let you guys run it
  9. Added. Mine is Villanuk71
  10. Nothing come through so far, must be a delay
  11. It says, my freinds limit is exceeded, so i may have to wait for a confirmation email which i have not had yet.
  12. well defo had nothingh come through...however you didnt have a previous account on there did you? have someone on my FL with similar avy
  13. Try adding me, its all up and running now Villanuk71
  14. Right, no idea how to pass it on to you so bumped you to Officer and given us both the exact same powers. Can make more officers and moderators as it grows. So let once you know who from here plays up to you who you promote to what
  15. Added you on steam mate, my username is oneofmyturns :thumb:
  16. Nice one Pink.

    What games do you play buds.

    Cheers ODB. Is it worth sending a PM to all VG members about steam do you think?
  17. Add me on Steam I play PC games :)

    Currently playing Skyrim: Redone with several other mods that make one hell of a hardcore experience and its so changed its basically a completely different game.

    I also play Natural Selection 2 and many other games sat in my library waiting to play!
  18. You want to be an officer as well Risk? I'll sort it over weekend for you if so, just add me mate and I'll take it from there
  19. Sure, is this regarding the Steam group administration?

    Guys, add your Steam ID's to your forum profile to make things easier :)
  20. Use to be a pc gamer, played a lot of Soldier of fortune.

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