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Past Cure follows ex elite soldier Ian as he covertly pursues the men who once betrayed and transformed him.
For years, Ian was imprisoned at a black site and subjected to horrific human experimentation.

It left him changed, in possession of frightening abilities such as thought manipulation and telekinesis and haunted by a madness that resides in his dreams and sinks its claws deeper into waking reality with every use of his powers.

Needing answers, Ian hunts after the men in the shadows. With the help of his brother Markus and the inscrutable double agent “Sophia”, he takes on Eastern European cartels, secret lodges, and the hubris of unscrupulous science.

And he encounters an adversary seemingly not of this world.

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Phantom 8 Sutdio is very proud to announce that Past Cure will be released on 2nd February 2018, with spoken English and localised French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian subtitles.

A dark psychological thriller
Past Cure tells the story of Ian, a tormented man desperate to rediscover his lost identity. A highly cinematic experience, Past Cure offers an enigmatic plot as the story twists between dreams and reality leaving you guessing throughout. Dark dream sequences intertwine with a gritty but realistic world, and gameplay threads between stealth, action, survival and puzzle. The characters that Ian encounters will have a notable impact on both gameplay and your surroundings.

Psychic skills and combat mechanics
Ian’s main drive in the story is to find the people who experimented on him to try and unlock the mind’s true potential and inadvertently cursed him with supernatural abilities. But to survive long enough to get to the truth, he needs to use those powers.

So aside from using his military experience for weapon handling and close quarters combat, Ian also has an unnatural edge over his enemies. He can speed up his perceptions so events play out in slow motion, letting him shoot multiple targets before they can react, with partial auto aim and lock support giving him a supernatural precision. This power is also vital to stealth and evasion, letting him sneak through patrolling enemies.

His Astral projection power on the other hand is a mix of outer body experience and telekinesis.

Ian can project his mind beyond his body to explore and interact with the environment. This is great for spotting enemies and switching off cameras, allowing you to plan your strategy before either engagement or evasion.

The price of the supernatural
However, using these abilities comes with a price. An on-screen Sanity meter tracks your use; hit zero and not only will you not be able to tap into the supernatural, you’ll be hit with visual and auditory hallucinations. Terrifying nightmares that’ll slow abate with time as your meter partially recharges, but which can only be escaped fully through black market meds sourced by Ian’s brother.

With all the skills combined players can approach the game however they choose. Charge head on with all guns blazing or stick to the shadows and whittle enemies down in silence.

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