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OLine Pro Bowl Selection

Discussion in 'Rules' started by dwevans, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. @VGFL Member

    Effective immediately we will introduce a new system to correct the flawed OLine ProBowl Selection In-Game. Hiero and myself had our entire Oline plus some backups all make the pro-bowl which is just stupid.

    I helped create a similar system in SML which I will improve further in its transfer over to here.

    Each team in the following categories will have a player selected for the ProBowl in Each of the NFC and AFC

    Top 3 “Passing Attempts per Sack”

    Top 3 ‘Maulers” – Combination of Yards Per Attempt Rushing & Rushing TDs

    Top 2 “Time in Pocket” (Combination of YPA Passing, Passing TDs, Sacks & Wins)

    Top 2 “All Rounders’ (Combination of Total Offensive Yards & Wins)

    The order of players chosen will depend on snap count (Available in Season Stats)

    The awards received will be age dependant:

    21-23: +3 RBK and PBK, +4 Awareness and +1 DEV upgrade (max 2 Dev upgrades per team)

    24-25: +2 RBK and PBK, +4 Awareness and +1 DEV upgrade (max 2 Dev upgrades per team)

    26-27: +2 RBK or PBK (up to max 88 - if above then + 2 awareness up to max 95)

    28: +1 RBK or PBK (up to max 87 - if above 87 then +1 awareness up to max 95)

    29-30: +1 AWR up to max 95

    31+: No boost

    If any player gets voted to PB with Slow Dev - they get a +1 Dev boost regardless of age

    A maximum number of 5 players can reach the pro bowl per team if a combination of edited & in-game occurs but only 3 players can be edited in this way per team. A max of 3 players at any 1 position can make the Top 10.

    Each team can only receive two Dev upgrades. Any additional players who make it in game will have all boosts removed.
  2. 2020 VGFL Oline ProBowl Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 01.16.43.png

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