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NEw tv suggestions

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Lordofgames, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Prob go for 40 incher...

    Sony bravia? for my ps4?

    Seems cant buy 3d tvs anymore, had 3d tv but broke it accidentally recently, insurance wont pay out either, furk
  2. Depends how much you want to shell out and how into AV you are. Why 40"?

    You had a look on HUKD?
  3. well

    - Id rather not spend more than 350, tempted to take out 50+ 3 year accidental insurance also as ive managed to write off 2 tv in 2 years haha, not really funny though, but i dont want to but history says i should, so say 350 for tv and no insurance ;/

    -well my bedroom is small, i been using a 28 since my tv damaged and its actually better for fps games as u can see all off screen easier...Nonetheless 40 is a better tv for everything else inc fifa etc...I would even go bigger but prices go crazy after 40. I have a 24 monitor for my pc anyway so no point going small.

    -AV? whats that exactly haha i use my tv to watch tv and game thats it....good image no motion blur im happy, extra features dgaf

    HUKD? Nope but will do, amazon seems cheapest..
  4. www.hotukdeals.com

    Just search tv
  5. i did not much luck though...apparently if i sign up with BT they give u 100 pound free gift to spend at places like amazon...i was gonna get BT anyway so thats cool, get me 100 off my tv
  6. Is buying a used tv a bad idea?

    IF it arrives with no defects or dead pixels...do tv have shelf life? not really right, i will get new tv long before it stops working right?
  7. 43inch at tesco blaupunkt for £180. Might not b a top brand but still a great deal.
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  8. blaupunkt?? mmm need to research them
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  9. If you're signing up with BT, make sure you go through topcashback.

    They're offering between £100 and £200 for new BT customers - between that and an Amazon voucher you'll have nearly enough to pay for a TV outright.


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  10. where/how does the cashback work?
  11. You just need to sign up at topcashback then go through that site to make your BT order.

    I'm waiting on £320 cash back from BT (new phone/broadband and three mobile contracts).

    Cash back takes anything from a few days to a few months to come through - you can have it paid straight into your bank account.

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    #12 flamingcarrot, Sep 7, 2016
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  12. ended up buying a new sony bravia 40

  13. something to good to be true usually is though 300 for all that mmmm
  14. New Dolby Vision TV's by LG or wait for the pannys to come out
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  15. to late got a bravia
  16. Nevermind
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