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New Telly

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by prison_inmate, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. I'm also going to get a new tv. I've plumped for the KDLW705B as I'm not interested in the 3D side of things. £399 at Richersounds or John Lewis.

    I liked the input lag specs too and it should tie in nicely with the PS4.
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  2. Get John Lewis to pricematch if they do that model Prison, 5 year guarantee is worth doing it.
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  3. Richersounds offer the same 5 year warranty too. And I can get £10 off with my VIP card
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  4. I have the 42inch version in my games room, excellent tele, stick it into game mode and away you go.

    Richersounds had it on offer recently.
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  5. Want bigger than 42", will either be the 50" or more likely the 55" in the link. May get a sound bar too.
  6. It was the 50 or 55inch they had on offer, i picked the 42inch up on a whim whilst at Costco. I much prefer it to the Panasonic VT50 which i have in the living room.
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  7. I bought the same TV (42W705) from Costco last week. It's fantastic, especially for £360 with a five year warranty. Picture is top notch, loving the Freeview HD and Smart features, and it's brilliant for gaming.
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  8. Sold

    Literally, just sold my Panasonic Plasma for £100.

    Seemed a reasonable price for an 8 year old TV.
    I really hope the Sony can match the picture quality I've been accustomed to over those years. It's given me some fantastic movie nights and gaming episodes.

    Off out tomorrow to pick one up. Happy 1080P day everyone!
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  9. Going to get rid of the clutter of the old amp, centre and surround speakers too and have just ordered the below from Tesco for £150.00 after club card vouchers applied. So will sit the new 55" Bravia on top of it, just waiting for JL to price match Tesco.com then I will order the TV.

    Just had a demo in Currys and the sound was great.

  10. Got my TV today, went to Richersounds and they were shut? Don't open until 12pm midweek?!? (They didn't have any in stock when I phoned anyhow) when I called the Norwich store at 10am the bloke answered and looked up the stock for me and I said "so you're in the shop now are you?" "Yes" said the nerd, "But I can't come in and buy anything?" Said I, "No" said the nerd. "Sale fail" said I and hung up.

    So screw them, went to John Lewis and picked one off the shelf (last one in stock too)

    Now all set up and it looks sweet, too many buttons to do too many things though. Gone are the days of just a over button.
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  11. First thing I looked for was the option to turn off the 'beep' you get with every button press. Took me two days to find it...
  12. And by your admission there in your post, so too will it me.......
  13. Just ordered the 55" W8 series from John Lewis, price matched to £690.00, delivery next Friday.

    Cant wait.
  14. Let me know how you get on with that sound base Prison. I'm going to get an amp to replace my clunky Onkyo but quite like the idea of a base of sound.
  15. Will do mate.
  16. Picked up the same TV as carnage above yesterday Sony 42" W7 . Wow what a great picture on it, watching the the F1 on it today was great, clearer than the 42" LG I have in the other room.

    Played some COD:AW on it last night and it looked great low response time is great too. Really happy I got it and much better upgrade from the 32" that was previously in the room.
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  17. I've found the picture pretty decent too. There are some trade offs I notice against my Plasma it replaces, the picture has more detail in it with HD channels and gaming looks much nicer. SD stuff suffers a little compared to my 720p set and motion whilst watching football can be a bit blurred at times (the grass noticeably)

    All in though so far it's an improvement as an all round package and the biggest worry that the blacks wouldn't match up with what I've been used to have been averted. It does a splendid job.

    I'm well pleased.
  18. Did you press the football button on remote, when watching game?
  19. I love my W9:)

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