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New Review Section

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by Wicksy, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. We are currently designing a new review section and would like to see if any VGF member would like to contribute a review and give an out of 10 conclusioneg

    gears of war - poss Prison_Inmate or Nicko if you could write a review that would be good. we will include your name on the review
    headsets - possible nazz on the PX5's.
    hoo is doing the sharkoons 5.1 digitals :thumb up:

    etc ect.......

    put your review in here in a post and will add to the new section that will be avalible soon

  2. Made this thread a sticky so it stays at the top.

    I'll do a review of the Sharkoon's when I get home. I've already started it so just need to finish it off and add some pics.

    Reviews can be of anything game related really. Games themselves, hardware, game shows etc etc. Anything that would make an interesting read and inform the forum members.

    Get writing peeps! :thumb:
  3. Not sure if it will be interesting to the forum members, but I'm getting Xenoblade Chronicles in a couple of days for the Wii. Happy once I've played it through to review that - although it could be a while - its quite a big game apparently. Whaddaya think?
  4. Ysa mate all games and platforms are welcomed, much apreciated. Thanks
  5. Any game that ure passionate about, it's about getting your opinions heard and understood to help others separate the good from the bad!
  6. Doesn't have to be a professional review folks. Remember this is FOR gamers, BY gamers! Anyone can do it!

  7. Something like this...

    Gears of War - Fucking Awesome 10/10


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