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New HDTV burns my eyes?

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Lordofgames, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. I game a lot and am not working. I notice if i play on pc not so bad, if i watch movies on the tv not bad.

    But when i game its like my eyes burn and cant stay open and get strained. Especially games like fifa and driving games, I just wonder if its the tv or the games?

    I turned down the backlight to see if that helps but had to turn it up playing fifa as it was to dark lol....

  2. Sounds more like you need an eye test
  3. mmm my eyes are fine no vision or reading or blurry problems its just getting sore eyes. If i dont game on my big tv i dont get sore eyes. So then the problem is not my eyes but the tv?

    I think i just been over doing it. I been getting up at like 2pm and gaming from then until 6am, sometimes i even fall asleep with a game on haha and its at bottom of my bed big 40 incher...thats my tv im talking about btw hehe....

    I think this must be straining my eyes.

    But its just games..i just watched a movie on same tv 2hrs long no issues at all, even after movie felt fine, then play some fifa and my eyes start to go.

    Also its a 3d tv and i was doing a lot of that when i got it and that defo cant hurt your eyes a bit...but i not done any 3d for over a week now and was only doing maybe 1hr gaming and one 2hr movie in 3d per week few weeks before, though when i first got 2 months ago was using 3d every day
  4. This... your putting to much time into gaming which is straining your eyes, need to take breaks from it and not do long sittings.

    If it's happening regular it's due to the effects of the games your playing as you keep up with the gameplay.

    Movies aren't going to be a problem as there is less movement than video games.

    I'm surprised you have this issue tbh seeing as you can't spend anymore than 30-45 minutes on games or movies, to load another game or movie would also be a small necessary break you need.

    Another thing would be to split your time more instead of in front of a TV, get a job, go to college or uni.. Mean no offence just saying.. :rolleyes:
  5. ive been to uni haha no job atm though...yeh i do change games often but it only takes 1-2 games of fifa to get strain.

    I dont see why i need an eye test. It just seems my eyes have been exhausted by my excessive gaming and lack of outside fresh air and distant viewing....sitting in my room in front of tv for a few weeks now constantly since i been out of work.

    If you were to go jogging hours non stop every day your legs would strain to and continue like this if not getting rest....i guess thats the same thing.

    Just wondering why its games and certain games and this tv...its further than my monitor but bigger but maybe brighter? I guess when gaming u use more focus also whereas movie your eyes are more relaxed....

    I think u can buy gaming glasses to reduce strain ill check them out
  6. Have you tried HD glasses?
  7. not heard of them..i got 3d glasses though lol
  8. Is that the glasses that plug into the old crt tv's to upscale the picture quality?
  9. Lol think he just means gaming glasses, the ones with a slight orange tint to them.
  10. [​IMG]

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  11. Oh they exist haha
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  12. Perhaps get a job at Specsavers, win-win ;)
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  13. I get the same after long stints on destiny definetly take a break
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  14. If your gaming for 16 hours a day then that leaves only 8 hours sleep which is recommended but taking out piss breaks and eating plus just a guess excessive wanking then surely you cant be looking for a job also? just an idea, put down the pad and go for a walk.
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  15. A nice walk to the Job Centre would be a good idea
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