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Netflix - what to watch ?

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Heñborg, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. ok i know we have a topic on this but think it be better if we have one with shows and films worth watching and also what to give a miss to..

    for me shows worth taking a look at

    prison break
    initial d

    not sure on the films yet not really watched any as of yet.. tho feel free to let me know whats worth checking out. :thumb up:

  2. Add weeds to the list i really enjoyed it!!
  3. weeds, must check that out never heard of it..
  4. I changed my xbox settings last night to get the US content and I recommend doing it (360 or PS3) as the content is 5 times that of the UK content
  5. UK settings - Dexter

    US Settings - Lilyhammer
  6. Dexter i have heard good things about, deff on my list of shows to watch, in fact might start watching it today.
  7. Only got 1st 2 series on though...it's addictive though lol
  8. k, will know by then if worth downloading the rest then..

    anyone know of good films on it?
  9. For those, I would think about how much time you want to devote. Lost is 6 series, 24 is 8, Prison Break is 4 and Heroes is about 4.

    My preference would be Lost and/or 24 first as they are amazing. Then Prison Break which is great too and I need to watch the last 3 series. Heroes is a bit hit and miss after series 2 and is cut short...and not watched Initial D.
  10. I took a look at the Lilyhammer trailer. Looks really good, need to get in the case and watch that!
  11. Watch Trollhunter if you have US, fun film
  12. Just watching dragon tattoo remake, so far so good.
  13. On Netflix??
  14. when I was browsing the US content a couple nights ago the GwtDT trilogy was there, might give them a watch this week while the kids are out
  15. Watching the remake, it's pretty damn good so far. Streaming it to my PS3 after d/loading from icefilms.

    My Netflix has run out and I won't be renewing despite thinking its very good.
  16. Icefilms?? How you streaming to PS3?
  17. Icefilms.info

    Errrrr.....streaming with PS3 media server on my Mac.

    I think that's what it's called.

    The entire icefilms website was utterly useless since megaupload came crashing down but now it's regained a pulse despite it being a weak one.
  18. How do you get the US Netflix settings?
  19. here you go:

  20. Cheers, just doing it now. Is there any reason for me to change it back for gaming?

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