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must see movies last 5-10 years

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Lordofgames, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. what are they? I used to watch every new release as it came out. But last 5-10 years especially last 5 or so i was busy doing other things and not enough time for movies..maybe 1 a month or so...Missed so many big hits and sleeper hits over the years.

    Obviously in this day and age any movie is accessible in an instant. I got so many to chose but hard to pick.

    Which ones would you say are must see! I got no time for average flicks

    ps- funnily one of reasons i never watch any is with my free time id rather game and with online gaming and so many games these days its just something more appealing. Often find cba to sit and watch a movie for 90-120mins etc
  2. Gonna be a tough one then as just about every decent film i can think of is 120mins+
  3. haha just mention them i dont mind ill watch in 2 plays
  4. Last 5-10 years missing a lot of decent 90's films but possibly showing your HD tinted glasses I suppose or its because your at a young age.

    Films to watch I'd say dark knight trilogy don't often get films in a trilogy that are all strong but these are, batman begins was out in 2005 but can't watch the others without it.
  5. Bloody hell tough question, lots of superhero movies in that time but the pick of those would be The Avengers just for all the heroes on screen for the first time together, as Rid says the batman trilogy.
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  6. Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, pretty long but worth it!
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  7. yeh i got avengers on 3d wanna see that. I watched thor and enjoyed that not really got into guardians of galaxy

    enjoyed fantastic four silver surfer and some other superheo one cant recall lol not seen any of xmen movies though or the rest....got bored with dakr knight so didnt watch the others....also keep falling alseep when i try to watch avatar....wanna watch nightcrawler

    djano unchained on my list, but didnt get into wolf of wall street..ah so many, not seen the crag bonds either apart from some of casino royale
  8. Tbf beyond Casino Royale the rest of the bond films have been utter shite. Skyfall was about the best but that bored me too.

    Django defo worth a watch

    Anything Gyllenhall has been great (bar Enemy. Don't watch Enemy, its utter shite. Cliffs - Giant spiders run the world. I can't stress enough how much you shouldn't watch this film)

    LOTR trilogy was good

    Batman trilogy was good

    All the Marvel films have been worth a watch, some very good ones in there

    Gravity, The Martian, Drive....so many to list. Start with this:


    Oh...and a little film called Star Wars Ep7 came out and that was pretty fucking awesome
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  9. Hannah montana, mean girls, high school musical.
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  10. ive seen lotr trilogy obviously lol and drive it was decent....Source code was great as well, gyllenhall is class.
  11. More serious post than last.

    Reel steal, the hunger games collection. Straight outta compton. And teenage mutant ninja turtles.
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  12. seen hunger games 1! not the rest

    NWA movie seeen half watch rest later and TMNT got also and wanna watch..reel steal no idea, best check it out cheers
  13. Sounds like you need to finish a lot of half watched films before you add anymore to the watchlist :rofl:
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  14. SAME WITH VIDEO GAMES haha oops caps
  15. what about comdies?

    i watched hangover trilogy or at least the first 2 not sure i watched 3 lol and wathced half of get hard last night which was real funny....
  16. Gravity was excellent, but if you got bored with the DK trilogy, er probably too slow going for ya.

    In a similar vein, i loved Interstellar, but the missus didn't so much. Concentration issue :) Probably not going to be right either.

    Favourite film of last 10 years... Inception. Exceptional cinematography and still listen to the soundtrack to this day. Probably not to your liking though chap.

    Starting to see why i didn't list any before? :D

    Ah heck, get a copy of Mad Max: Fury Road. That should do the trick.
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  17. mad max ok fell asleep hfway though same with inception but had to watch 2/3 times try understand it lol not got passed hf way though yet
  18. You fell asleep through Mad Max? Jesus H... there is no hope, that film was one long car chase :rofl:

    I think i'll be really evil and suggest you go watch Memento now...
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  19. What a film that is. Genius

    Funny how an unknown director at the time made a quality film and is now regarded as one (if not the) finest directors in the business
  20. i loved memento

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