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Movies so hard to watch now

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Lordofgames, May 20, 2016.

  1. ANyone relate to this? I just find trying to sit through a movie so tedious, I just get urges to game really.

    For example, why watch indiana jones or tomb raider movies etc..When you could play uncharted which gives u as good a movie/story and with all the same action and puzzles BUT you can be involved in it.

    Really hard to sit and patiently watch a movie for me these days. ANd i was a 2-3 movies a day guy when younger.

    Now id just rather game...
  2. Totally I couldn't watch alien again after playing Isolation because I could feel the fear more playing the game, chest burst scene gave me nothing after that.

    This was also the same for need for speed, I felt more behind the wheel and feeling of speed in the game, than I could ever do with the movie.

    This is the reason why I don't think I'll be able to sit through fassbenders assassins creed film, why sit for nearly 2 hours watching him play assassin when I could be one.

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  3. sarcasm detector blew its fuse their.

    I just get resltess, and yeh id rather role play as enzio than watch the movie. maybe just wtachjing poor movies of late haha.

    I find the action movies id rather game, its same thing but one u watch the action the other u involved in the action.

    whereas a good drama cant compare so much to gaming. Recently i watched a relatively old Jake Gllynahll movie I think called source code? I was gripped and enjoyed until end...same as Jack Reacher

    So i take back what i say overall but i think that unless its a gripping movie im more inclined to just bang on my ps4, see whos online, play some fifa or w/e..its more social and 24/7...

    Even sometimes ill be trying to play single player but get mates txt me to play cod or clubs etc...so i think thats a big thing also.

    Defo more picky now though as when young id watch any old movie just for sake off it now i know i got so many other options that i wont tolerate a bad movie.

    damn ive watched the start of avatar about 5 times now and twice in 3d but after falling asleep most time after 30mins the other times i just gave up...if movies not pulling me in 30min or so its going off
  4. No I think I levelled it out a little replying with another contradicting thread...

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  5. So, just to be clear.

    Post 1: Can't watch movies, would rather game.

    Post 3: Literally take back what you say in Post 1.

    That's a record even for you.
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  6. not take back but adjust lol
  7. So you have the attention span of a goldfish, who'd have guessed?
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  8. yeh but i never used to lol...
  9. tbh I was thinking about this again.

    And its just a personal thing, id rather game in my free time than watch a movie which is a shame as so many great movies out there (on my HDD) hehe
  10. I try to balance my time between TV shows/movies and gaming so I don't get too bored of one

    Just need to find the right balance IMO
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  11. Yeah I went completely the way of gaming for a bit and have now dialled back to include more movies - cinema as well as Netflix etc.

    As others have said good to get a balance.
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  12. problem for me is time commitment.

    A movie is 90-120mins long and id rather watch in one sitting.

    Whereas with a game I can play fifa 2-3 games 20-30min then put on bf1 30mins, maybe check the net then go back and put on a single player like Tomb Raider 30mins, take a break, some more bf1 etc....that's what I usually do.

    Now when I put a movie on after 30min or so I get restless..so many movies ive only watched 30mins haha....

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