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Mortal Kombat 9

Discussion in 'Fighting Games' started by Montoya, May 15, 2011.

  1. i was thinking a place to arrange a few games online(when the psn is back) or a place to ask for help.

    ive completed story mode and all 300 challenges! you get so much koin from that you can pretty much buy the whole krypt!
  2. Online fighting. I've only played the demo, brought back motors of the MegaDrive version. Not sure if it has the longevity appeal for me.
  3. I wanted this and considered buying a PS3 for it. Someone told me its available on the 360 just without one special character that's only available on the PS3 version?
  4. yea Kratos from God of War is exclusive to PS3 but hes just a bonus thats not really necesary. so many other chars to play wit hthat are lots better.
  5. loving mortal kombat but the annoying thing is i'm struggling to hit combos consistently, used to be soo easy! gonna have to put some practise in me thinks
  6. had a go online and its painfully slow. few good aspects tho, like the king of the hill stuff! thats fun
  7. Patch coming soon.

    DJ yeah combos are hard I been stringing 8.9 moves. On youtube I seen 14, 15 hit combo's.

    Enemies are fall very quickly hence mid air combos are difficult
  8. played a douche last nght was consistently getting cyrax 14v hit combo!! fucking nightmare and 50% health gone!
  9. in a surprise dlc mortal kombat is adding the man of nightmares to the roster:


    Looks like he fits right at home with the mk crowd :twisted:
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  10. when I get back online I can play some of you guys on this, the best fighting game ever created.
  11. That's a bold statement KMC. The way of exploding fist was acualy the best fighting game ever.
  12. I'm not going to get involved as obviously I'm hugely biased! ;) :lol:
  13. Just say it - Super Street Fighter 4 is the best fighting game ever.
  14. What he said! :rotfl:
  15. Released last week as part of plus I know we have a few members who will have this.

    I was wondering if anyone was up for a few fights maybe even start up a vgf knockout tournament if numbers where available.
  16. As you know, I'm up for this. FINISH HIM!
  17. Nice one as mentioned not tried on-line yet to see how stable matches are mk vs dc where good I imagine this should be the same. Could try some this week see how they hold up.
  18. Definitely mate! I'll send you a PM in the week!
  19. Is the free on psn+ ?

    I have a 30 day trial so will download it and play if so.

    Also want Double Dragon Neon.
  20. Yep free on PS+ mate. I'm loving it. Stays true to some of the earlier games.

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