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Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by ODB, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. A thread for all other miscellaneous deals

  2. momartinGrim... I saw a girl wash hers out in a public bathroom in Manchester once. Put me right off and I'm female

    :puke: :puke:

  3. never saw that comment ROFL major sickness!
  4. Ok...this is something a little different but I found out about this last night. Turns out they are very popular but a bit of a secret.

    Now if your the sort of person that sees something even slightly out of date and bins it then this is not for you. If your not that type of person then:


    I mean you cant really go wrong with certain things being out of date a bit like sauces and herbs etc. Even toilet roll and cleaning products


    Last night I bought 24x 500ML bottles of Coca Cola. Couldnt resist for 17p a bottle...

    You have to add delivery admittedly but I spent £18 odd on there and delivery was £5.25. Delivery is obvo based on how much you buy so it may be cheaper

    Here's what I got last night:

    ID Description Quantity Price
    43019 Coca Cola 500ml 24 £3.96
    43170 Glenryck Maldives Eco Friendly Tuna Chunks In Brine 185g 5 £1
    42483 Budweiser BBQ Sauce 300g 2 £1.2
    41891 Budweiser Mild Wing Sauce 300g 2 £1.2
    42481 Budweiser Smoked Barbeque Sauce 300g 2 £1.2
    40905 Nandos Hot Peri Peri Seasoning Rub 25g 6 £1
    42487 Nandos Sweet Chilli Peri Peri Marinade 270g 2 £1.4
    42485 Nandos Perinaise 250ml 2 £1.4
    42861 Newmans Own Sticky BBQ Honey Recipe 250ml 2 £1
    42953 Pureety Gourmet Smoked Red Chilli and Blossom Honey Marinade 64g 6 £.99
    42955 Pureety Gourmet Texan Hickory Barbeque Marinade 64g 6 £.99
    31936 Kamis Meat Seasoning Mill 48g 5 £.5
    42733 HakHas Jamaican Savoury Table Sauce 50ml 1 £.25
    42659 HakHas Jamaican Jerk Dip Pineapple 142ml 1 £.29
    42631 HakHas Jamaican Sweet Honey Mango Topping and Dip 142ml 1 £.39
    42627 HakHas Jamaican Honey Guava Topping and Dip 142ml 1 £.39
    42639 Hakhas Jamaican Jerk Sauce Original 142ml 1 £.39
    42635 HakHas Jamaican Jerk Dip Guava Rum Sauce 142ml 1 £.59

    Total £18.14
    Delivery £5.25
    Sub Total £23.39

    cant argue with that
  5. Friend pointed me to that site last year, keep meaning to give it a try. Seen some fantastic prices.
  6. Christ ODB, you're gonna be able to have a hellava BBQ with that lot!! :rotfl:

  7. BBQ's & Scottish weather dont mix :rotfl:

    i know...got a bit carried away with the spicy stuff! Them Bud sauces are the shit though!
  8. A SENSATIONAL offer by Approved Foods today. Limit of 2 per customer. Obvious delivery costs extra but worth it if your getting other things. It's a best before too so nothing to worry about (couldn't possibly get any worse!)

    Christmas Dinner Flavour Pot Noodle - a case of 12 for £1

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/case-pr ... -p-1224581
  9. If anyone's collecting Disney movie rewards then here's a free code


    This will get you 50 points
  10. Surely there's a man v food vgf challenge waiting to be created here ;)
  11. Where's Roberto? :lol:
  12. You know what, I'll refund anyone the money if they could sit down and eat them all in 1 sitting and prove it
  13. I'm out. I don't even like the things :lol:
  14. Sounds like a yolk to me

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