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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by VeGa, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I'm starting this thread in hope that I can get you interested in minecraft so think of it as question and answer thread.Enjoy!!!
  2. I don't really understand what mine craft is tbh but tempted by the 360 version
  3. I know Fallen is a mine craft fan. I tried it too and found it very odd. Probably better with friends. Some of the YouTube vids are hilarious.
  4. ODB what don't you understand mate and Wolf it was YouTube that got me into who have you seen??? :)
  5. I just don't really get what you have to do tbh
  6. Well it's sort of optional you can be creative and build epic buildings landscapes towns city's or you have the survival aspect that can be made more difficult with hardcore mode you have the server side to the game where you can play with the best gaming community (FACT!) basically as it a sandbox game you can make it what you want to be there are people that do adventure maps people who make music and people who are patient and precise enough to build scale replicas of famous buildings :)
  7. It reminds me of a more simplistic second life.

    I used to design on second life and play on there and to me it the same excluding the monsters at night.
  8. I have never heard of second life is it pc mate :)
  9. second life is a bit like Home on the PS3 but you can do more customising on the pc with it like eagle said.
  10. survival mode? if the game is just building stuff etc whats survival mode about??? Which of these has night monsters???
  11. Montoya is a huge fan of it.
  12. Survival mode consists of staying alive but attempting to get to a place called the ''End'' were you must defeat the boss whilst doing that you must remember to eat and upgrade you armour tools and weapons a fight off the monsters such as creepers, silverfish, enderman, skeleton archers and zombies. I will have my own let's play out soon you will have to check it out ;D
  13. My kids have found the joys of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and I'm going to get the full version for them. They play the demo for hours and hours.
  14. My son is obsessed by it so I bought him the 360 version for his 6th birthday. Not something I'd play, but he loves it.
  15. Yeah, my kids and nephews love it to bits. I can see the appeal, an open world environment where you can build anything you like. It's kind of the equivalent of when we used to build a den in the woods. Just this is in the front room.

    I don't know anything about all this Microsoft points. It's 1600g or something. What ever that means.
  16. My kids love it, I think it's great for getting their imagination going.
  17. Yep exactly my thoughts and my 9 year old puts a couple of hours into it a week and loves it, much better than him playing GTA4!
  18. Quite a few people must have bought this for their kids on PS3, anyone fancy a grown ups only night hunting creepers?
  19. When they bring it out on the PS4 I might think about it lol.
  20. Good news, the PS4 and Vita versions are out in August.

    If you own the PS3 version then the Vita game will be free and the PS4 game will be available at a reduced price.

    The Vita version will also be cross save with the PS3

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