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Mandy Ross' 1st Round Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by dwevans, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. erinandrews_8cbjgnvm_ts4kyh6c.jpg

    Another year is upon us and another NFL draft. We are just one night away from another evening where NFL dreams are made, and some broken. The rumours have been flying around ever since this year of college football and they only intensified when the draftees visited Indianapolis. We have had another Heismann poised to go in the top 5, but apart from that the rest of the draft is wide open without a consensus number 1 pick. Our reporter Mandy Ross has been on the ground in Arlington speaking to coaches and players to get a feel where players may end up...

    Picks 1-5

    1. COLTS: Antuan Woodard WR (Clemson)

    There is no consensus player that the Colts will take here. They have holes all over the roster and an unpredictable backroom staff after a disappointing season for the fans. Woodard is the projected top WR and the Colts have taken a shine to his work ethic and off field attitude. They feel he would offer a threat opposite TY Hilton that Andrew Luck needs.

    2. JETS`: Riley Calmelat QB (Stanford)

    A lot has been made of coach Fraser's moves this offseason since taking the helm late in 2017. One thing is for sure though - he is not happy with Ryan Tannehill as his starting QB. This years Heismann winner is certainly a talent that any struggling franchise could do with on their roster. A future superstar for sure and with an Ivy League degree, hopefully someone who can help coach Fraser with his sums. He could certainly do with the help.

    3. VIKINGS: DeShaun Flynn LOLB (Miami)

    After making a move to get rid of Anthony Barr as he entered his contract year, surely the Vikings have a target in mind to replace him. Rumours are that the Miami OLB has the intangibles that the Vikings office are looking for to make a immediate impact. Speed, strength, power and big hits. He stops most runs that head his way with his bone shuddering tackles. The Vikings defence continues to improve with Flynn on board.

    4. BUCCS: B.J. Jenkins CB (Florida State)

    The Seminole's star of the season is heading to Tampa Bay. His record breaking season has him settled as a consensus top 5 pick and he could be the heir apparent to Brent Grimes. He will likely spend a season as the nickel corner before taking over on the outside in 2019.

    TRADE - Broncos Trade 2018 R1 & R2 Picks and 2019 R1 Pick for Panthers Pick No. 5

    5. BRONCOS: Nash Ulmer QB (Oklahoma)

    Broncos are win now. With one of the elite defences in the league they need to push for a deep playoff run. The front office hasn't been impressed with Siemien this year and he could be heading to the bench or the block. Nash Ulmer, another elite QB to emerge from the Sooner's football factory could be the answer. He impressed on his visit to mile high and the Broncos need to do what they can before their defensive leaders start to regress.

    Picks 6-10
    TRADE - Jets Trade 2018 R1 & R3 Picks for Eagles Pick No.6

    6. JETS: Kevin Strojny QB (Alabama)

    Giant QB for a team with giant holes all over the roster. The Jets trade up to get a key piece to their rebuild. With Cousins having a questionable long term future in Washington and the Chargers and Steelers both with QBs nearing retirement, they surely need to leapfrog these three to pick up a QB. Hopefully the height he brings to the team will help to raise the expectations of the New Jersey natives.

    7. REDSKINS: Deon Reynolds FS (Wisconsin)

    Is Sua'a Cravens a linebacker or a safety? No one can decide so the Redskins pick up an elite safety and consider moving Cravens closer to the line of scrimmage to fill a hole at MLB. Reynolds and Norman could form a solid tandem that could frighten the NFC East.

    8. CHARGERS: Nick McDougle LE (Penn)

    Another front office making questionable decisions this offseason. Does the addition of Greg Robinson in FA mean they are happy at LT? It is hard to tell so the Chargers pick up a top projected talent in McDougle to bookend opposite Bosa. He has a productive year in Penn. Has he got what the Chargers need to improve their defence.

    9. SEAHAWKS: Derrick Kaiser LT (Ole Miss)

    Russell Wilson can't dodge defenders forever and with the 49ers emerging as a challenge once more in the NFC West the Seahawks need to shore up their offensive line fast. Kaiser is a talent that could potentially go earlier than this. He is the top LT in the draft class and must surely go in the top 10. Seahawks get a steal.

    10. FALCONS: Spencer Hodges WR (Pittsburgh)

    Falcons traded up even before draft day. They must have a big name in mind. Could it be Spencer Hodges after the failed trade for Landry in the season? Rumours have it the Atlanta scouts were all in attendance at the Pittsburgh pro day and Spencer Hodges has been interviewed multiple times by the team. With double teams all over Julio Jones, Hodges could have all every chance of putting up OROTY numbers.
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  2. Picks 11-15

    TRADE - Cardinals trade Rd1 No.30, Rd2 No.17 & Rd3 No. 30 for Eagles' Pick 11
    11. CARDINALS: Scott Ogden QB (USC)

    Arizona calls the name of Scott Ogden after pulling out all the stops on draft day. Eagles get more picks to pad out their first three rounds by moving down and are in a good position to move back up for any targets with their multitude of 4th rounders. Ogden gives the Arizona fans something to cheer about. His days in California prepare him well for life in the desert and he could understudy Palmer for the first year and who knows - replace him should the vet have a difficult start to his 15th year in the league.

    12. RAIDERS: Cole Callahan RT (Stanford)

    Callahan was a big part of Riley Calmelat's Heismann winning season. He is a dancing bear and exactly what the Raiders need on their offensive line. Suitable for either the left or right side, he will likely spend year one on the right before moving across to protect Derek Carr for the next decade.

    13. RAMS: Anthony Burch LOLB (Stanford)

    The third Stanford standout taken this draft instantly improves the Rams pass rushing attack. He has the length to reach the QB and swat passes down from the line of scrimmage. Stick him alongside Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald and the Rams front seven instantly improves.

    14. BROWNS: Gavin Dahl ROLB (Miami)

    Gavin Dahl has spend his college career as an outside linebacker in the 4-3 in Miami but instantly adds to a Browns team with not many holes. His coverage skills and run stopping suggest a talent that could be converted to a 3-4 middle linebacker in the Browns scheme change next year. Kirksey and him in the middle with Ogletree and Jamie Collins on the outside starts to look like a formidable linebacking corps.

    15. LIONS: Shakiel Goodwin DT (Florida State)

    This Lions side is starting to look like a good team for next season. They have made a lot of moves but need to build a core to the team as a number of talents may leave next offseason. Goodwin offers an anchor for their defence to build around and could be a future Warren Sapp clone in the 3 technique if the Lions choose to employ a Tampa 2 scheme next year on defence.
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