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Madden 19 - VGFL League

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by brunty, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Madden-NFL-19-Reveals-Its-Cover-Star-–-Game-Rant.jpg

    @VGFL Member

    With 19 coming out soon we are looking to see who is going to be staying with the league for next season, so pop your name down if going be joining next season.

    Forum Name - Telegram Name
    @brunty - Jamie
    @dwevans - Dafydd Evans
    @Crispytones81(CB07B11M13) - Chris Parsons
    @Paraaut - ParaAut
    @Murdo - Murdo
    @Bartell - Bartell
    @Readie_8 - Sam Read
    @Aidan - Aidan - Steelers
    @Fazak - Andrew Fazakerley
    @Blitzburgh4891 - Blitzburgh4891
    @R McMoffat - R McDonald
    @Cougardesmoines - Jordi HM
    @Andre Persson - Andre Persson
    @IUkIRichardson - Leif
    @Arron - Arron Matthewman (Bengals)
    @Vinay gogana - Vinay Gogana
    @Kallax4 - Stefan Nyberg
    @GhettoBiggie - Ivan
    @Yabba's Turd - Ian
    @Rugbydan92 - Daniel Hill
    @Plainoldme - Scott Barge
    @HakeemBatista - Hakeem Batista
    @Darren morris - Darren Morris
    @LevettUK - Jordan Levett
    @Fraser Oliver - Fraser Oliver
    @FourKingAwesome - Tom Donlan
    @Will Mas - Will Mas
    @BeyondTheGame - Cameron McLean
    @Azza - Aaron
    @DannysDad - Stuart Anderson
    @Mjrpwang3 - Kirk Brockbank
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  2. In for next season
  3. Yes boys! I'd love to be in a division with you 2 goobers
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  4. Yeah count me in
  5. It's a hella yeah from me
  6. Yep. I’m in
  7. Joining with a notpaidwithmymoneyMADDEN19
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  8. In (obvs)

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