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Madden 19 Team Draft

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by dwevans, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. @VGFL Member

    Thank you everyone who has been involved in Madden 18 and especially to those who have been with us since M17 too.

    The league has gone through a number of changes over the last year and we have moved into a really strong position at the end of this iteration with a solid membership that I hope is buying more and more into the philosophy of making this league as realistic as possible.

    Yesterday the team draft order was posted. I created a system that I hope will stand us in good stead for the future. This full formula was:

    The three league founders (Brunty, Dean and Dane) get a 0.6 bonus


    Full Seasons in M18 (minimum of 6 games) x 0.17


    Previous Maddens x 0.1


    (1 - Winning %) x (Games Played in M18 x 0.01))


    (0.5 - Winning % x (Games Played in M18 x 0.025)


    M18 Games Missed x 0.01


    Bans in M18 x 0.015


    Random Number between 0 and 1 x 0.1​

    The calculation itself therefore balances duration of league membership and helping worse players against bans and long periods of autopilot. There is also a small random element which adds to the drama!

    This has resulted in the following order:


    Players who are on the waiting list have been included in the order but do not take their place unless people drop out. If you are playing in the league currently your place is secure as long as you plan on continuing in Madden 19. If, for example, I declined to play in this upcoming season, Dane would be offered my place and if he accepts it he will slot in at 8th spot in the draft. If he doesn’t it will be offered down the list and draft order affected accordingly.

    Once we have 32 confirmed, we can start drafting.

    PLEASE NOTE when choosing teams:

    1. We may make some slight tweaks to the base roster if some stats are felt to not accurately represent reality. We will review proposed sim rosters that exist on Operation Sports shortly after the game’s release and base these decisions on some of those that exist there.
    2. Rookie Development: Each year madden does their best guesswork (with bias) on what rookies will be successful. It doesn’t get these right very often and after all these are players who have never played a snap in the NFL and do quite often bust. All drafted rookies will therefore go through a system I have created to randomly determine their development. This will be a weighted system that is influenced by draft position but takes any developer bias and some of the hype out of the equation.

      The top 5 picks have the highest chance of higher Devs, 6-15 next highest, 15-32 next highest, 2nd round, 3-4 and then 5-UD respectively. The odds of these will be consistent with that of the M19 draft classes.

      If your team had multiple first round rookies (e.g Browns) then they will have a higher chance of having a Dev trait but not guaranteed and we will do the random draw for this after the team draft.

      You can play around with the file attached here but I will need to adjust the odds once these have been worked out in M19.

      Good luck in the team draft!

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    #1 dwevans, Jul 23, 2018
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  2. Final Draft Order for Madden 19
    1. @DannysDad - Eagles
    2. @Kallax4 - Buccs
    3. @brunty - Rams
    4. @Plainoldme - Packers
    5. @Crispytones81(CB07B11M13) - Saints
    6. @Will Mas - Giants
    7. @Bartell - Vikings
    8. @Fazak - Steelers
    9. @Fraser Oliver - Jags
    10. @deanomcfee91 - Falcons
    11. @Murdo - Browns
    12. @FourKingAwesome - Panthers
    13. @Yabba's Turd - Ravens
    14. @Mjrpwang3 - Cardinals
    15. @Azza - Cowboys
    16. @Arron - Texans
    17. @Paraaut - Raiders
    18. @Aidan -
    19. @BeyondTheGame - Chargers
    20. @Readie_8 - Seahawks
    21. @GhettoBiggie - Redskins
    22. @HakeemBatista - Titans
    23. @dwevans - Patriots
    24. @Cougardesmoines - 49ers
    25. @Andre Persson - Chiefs
    26. @IUkIRichardson - Bills
    27. @Darren morris - Lions
    28. @LevettUK - Colts
    29. @Vinay gogana - Jets
    30. @Blitzburgh4891 - Dophins
    31. @Rugbydan92 - Broncos
    32. @R McMoffat - Bengals
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    #2 dwevans, Jul 24, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2018
  3. Only 15 picks until I pick my failing team
  4. And I go for...... .... ..........

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  5. Hi, my name Brunty. And I pick the Baltimore Colts. Plan to play your games at 9pm on advance days if you play me. Cheers.
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  6. With the 4th pick in madden 19 draft HC plainoldme has decided to take the open vacancy at Green Bay Packers

    He told reporters that the opportunity to bring the number 1 pick to Green Bay for the 1st time since 1959 was something he couldn’t pass on!
  7. Someone update the list
  8. Its time

    Hopefully this can lead to more miracles...........

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  9. I would like to take on The Steelers please.
  10. I will pick the browns
  11. I'll lock out the NFC South and take the Carolina Panthers.
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  12. Baltimore please
  13. For the second time I pick the cardinals
    @Mjrpwang3 telegram
  14. @Azza takes Cowboys (telegram)

    Will confirm later in forum.
  15. I'll take Raiders. Just win, baby!!
  16. I'll take the Bears

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