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Madden 19 Season 2 Offseason Schedule

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by dwevans, Dec 15, 2018.


Which Day/Days Can You make the VGFL Draft? (Please select all possible options!)

Poll closed Dec 19, 2018.
  1. Friday 21st December 7pm

    14 vote(s)
  2. Friday 21st December 8pm

    17 vote(s)
  3. Saturday 22nd December 8pm

    12 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. @VGFL Member

    Congratulations to all who have made the playoffs and thank you to everyone who has been a part of this season. Yet another great year and we have already had some surprises in who has not progressed through the playoffs. We will be having a new person in the Super Bowl whatever happens! I think that shows how well the league is doing in itself!

    We have a tight window to get the offseason done before Christmas - so please review and plan accordingly!

    Off Season:

    Divisional Round - Final game (Redskins - Seahawks) Sunday Morning
    NFC Conference Championship - Around 6pm Sunday if Redskins progress, 6pm Sunday or Monday if Seahawks Progress
    AFC Conference Championship - Around 7-8pm Monday

    Superbowl - Around 9/9:30pm Monday.

    SB Scouting - After AFC Championship game (8pm approx) Mon 17th December - Tues 18th December 6:30am
    Off-season Stage 1 — Final Re-signs completed this phase — Tues 18th December 6:30am - Tues 18th December 6:30pm
    Off-season Stage 2 — Free Agency/Trades/Scouting — Randomised advance Evening Wed 19th December
    Off-season Stage 3 — Free Agency/Trades/Scouting — Randomised advance Evening Thurs 20th December
    Off-season Stage 4 — Final Free Agency/Trades/Scouting — Randomised advance after Midday Fri 21st December
    Off-season Stage 5 — Trades/Scouting Only — Until ~1 hr prior to draft
    Off-season Stage 6 — Draft — Friday 21st December 8pm

    If you are missing the draft please set your draft board and PUT YOURSELF ON UNLIMITED AUTO-PILOT. Please state below if you are making or missing the draft.


    Off-season Stage 7 — Rookie Signings (Which is automatically done)
    Off-season Stage 8 — Position Changes — will be skipped as position changes need to be accepted by the committee

    UDFA Waiver:

    We will not be running a waiver this year. We will instead run a system similar to last year.

    Preseason Week 1-2: "Compensatory Picks" (Draft - Saturday 22nd December ~ 2pm)
    • Players who missed ALL of FA through notified absence will receive one pick
    • Players who missed ALL of the draft will receive one pick
    • Choices will be made in Telegram chat.
    • If you need to sign players for minimum roster limits, please sign the worst OVR at that position temporarily (i.e. P or K)

    Preseason Week 3: "UDFA" (Saturday 22nd December ~ 2pm - Saturday 22nd December~ 8pm)
    • ONLY ONE player may be signed by each team (One player across both weeks NOT one player each week).
    • Players reserved by players above must be left.
    • If you need to sign players for minimum roster limits, please sign the worst OVR at that position temporarily (i.e. P or K)

    Preseason Week 4: "Free for All" (Saturday 22nd December ~ 8pm Onwards)
    • FA is now fully open again.

    Please note that the waiver wire for released players will reset after the draft


    We will do 4 short advances for preseason. See above for UDFA Waiver rules.

    Preseason Week 1 - Ends 8am Saturday 22nd December
    Preseason Week 2 - Ends 2pm Saturday 22nd December
    Preseason Week 3 - Ends 8pm Saturday 22nd December
    Preseason Week 4 - Ends 8am Sunday 23rd December

    Please ensure your rosters are cut to 53 BEFORE week 4 ends!

    NO team will be put on AP during pre season

    Week 1 will run for an approx 5 day window from 23rd Dec - 27th Dec to accommodate the Christmas Period. Advances will be 72h after that.
    #1 dwevans, Dec 15, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  2. Will we also do something to accommodate New Years?
  3. 3 choices? None of which accommodate people with weekend plans or work. Saturday/Sunday afternoon should be a choice as well as Sunday evening.
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  4. With Ian. It’s weekend before Christmas. We are trying to get the season done so it doesn’t go over Christmas and yet this. Surely and Thursday and Sunday option to test waters can’t hurt?
  5. voted for all. solid chance of me not attending any of those times tho.

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