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Madden 19 Info

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by dwevans, Aug 13, 2018.

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    Madden 19 Draft Recap

    Thanks everyone for participating in the Madden 19 team draft. This resulted in the following team selection:
    1. @DannysDad - Eagles
    2. @Kallax4 - Buccs
    3. @brunty - Rams
    4. @Plainoldme - Packers
    5. @Crispytones81(CB07B11M13) - Saints
    6. @Will Mas - Giants
    7. @Bartell - Vikings
    8. @Fazak - Steelers
    9. @Fraser Oliver - Jags
    10. @deanomcfee91 - Falcons
    11. @Murdo - Browns
    12. @FourKingAwesome - Panthers
    13. @Yabba's Turd - Ravens
    14. @Mjrpwang3 - Cardinals
    15. @Azza - Cowboys
    16. @Arron - Texans
    17. @Paraaut - Raiders
    18. @Aidan -
    19. @BeyondTheGame - Chargers
    20. @Readie_8 - Seahawks
    21. @GhettoBiggie - Redskins
    22. @HakeemBatista - Titans
    23. @dwevans - Patriots
    24. @Cougardesmoines - 49ers
    25. @Andre Persson - Chiefs
    26. @IUkIRichardson - Bills
    27. @Darren morris - Lions
    28. @LevettUK - Colts
    29. @Vinay gogana - Jets
    30. @Blitzburgh4891 - Dophins
    31. @Rugbydan92 - Broncos
    32. @R McMoffat - Bengals

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  2. Madden 19 Schedule
    For a number of reasons, the committee have decided to continue with a 72 hour advance schedule. This benefits of this significantly outweigh the negatives and not only allows us to easily get in 5 seasons but also allows for:

    1. The beneficial effects of early advances to be retained, potentially allowing for a 6th season still with 72h advance!
    2. Our second season to conclude just before Christmas rather than games being played over it.

    The way we currently use Telegram has improved game scheduling, and advance times are pinned clearly in the announcements channel. I know this will slightly disappoint one or two, but stick with it. It is only half a day different from a fixed advance schedule with a number of benefits that are all lost with our old system.

    Friday 10th August - Friday 17th August - Slider Testing

    Provisional Start Date: Friday 17th August 2018

    Preseason Week 1: Friday 17th August - Saturday 18th August 10pm
    Preseason Week 2: Saturday 18th August - Sunday 19th August 10pm
    Preseason Week 3: Sunday 19th August - Monday 20th August 10pm
    Preseason Week 4: Monday 20th August - Tuesday 21st August 10pm

    Season 1 Regular Season: Tuesday 21st August - 11th October (72hr Advance)
    Season 1 Playoffs: ~ 11th October - 18th October
    Season 1 Offseason: ~ 18th October - 25th October

    Season 2 Regular Season: ~ 25th October - 15th December (72hr Advance)
    Season 2 Playoffs: ~ 15th December - 22nd December
    Season 2 Offseason: ~ 22nd December - 29th December

    Season 3 Regular Season: ~ 29th December - 18th February (72hr Advance)
    Season 3 Playoffs: ~ 18th February - 25th February
    Season 3 Offseason: ~ 25th February - 4th March

    Season 4 Regular Season: ~ 4th March - 24th April (72hr Advance)
    Season 4 Playoffs: ~ 24th April - 1st May
    Season 4 Offseason: ~ 1st May - 8th May

    Season 5 Regular Season: ~ 8th May - 28th June (72hr Advance)
    Season 5 Playoffs: ~ 28th June - 5th July
    Season 5 Offseason: ~ 5th July - 12th July

    Season 6 Regular Season: ~ 12th July - 15th August (48h Advance)
    Season 6 Playoffs: ~ 15th August - 22nd August

    If we gain around 20 days through a combination of early advances in regular season, playoffs or offseason over the course of the year then we can comfortably do a season 6 with 72 hour advances. I think this is very realistic and I would hope we could even achieve 30 over the year as a whole.

    Madden 20 may even release later than this years release date, which may give us further allowance for season 6!
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  3. Waiver System

    We will go through two rounds of a Waiver Wire for available free agents at the start of the game. The order for this will be based on there factors:

    1. Team draft position (Later gives higher priority)
    2. Team OVR (Higher lowers priority)
    3. Win % at team draft for M19 (Higher lowers priority)

    Additionally @Fazak will get one compensatory pick BEFORE the FA draft due to the committee's decision to essentially remove Shazier from the game.

    The final FA draft order is:

    Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.28.04.png
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  4. Kevin Cadle.png

    VGFL Free Agents are Viewable HERE

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  5. @VGFL Member

    The following will be your eligible draft positions to enter when making trades prior to week 6. This will be reviewed again around week 7. It is slightly skewed to the right due to the early part of the season in an attempt to not over value too many picks but the following predictions apply based on team overall and past performance.

    Future 1-10: (Bottom 8)

    @R McMoffat @Plainoldme @Murdo @Will Mas @Kallax4 @Mjrpwang3 @Fraser Oliver @Redmond Scorer

    Future 11 - 20: (Middle 12)

    @HakeemBatista @Fazak @Darren morris @Vinay gogana @IUkIRichardson @LevettUK @DannysDad @Yabba's Turd @deanomcfee91 @GhettoBiggie @Crispytones81(CB07B11M13)

    Future 21 - 32: (Later 12)

    @dwevans @Andre Persson @Blitzburgh4891 @Arron @Cougardesmoines @brunty @Paraaut @Readie_8 @BeyondTheGame @Aidan @Bartell @FourKingAwesome @Azza

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