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Madden 18 season points

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Sep 3, 2017.

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  1. @VGFL Member

    As some of you already know. We incorporated a point system to the league. The points system is to encourage people to play there games. The system rewards players for commitment to the league, it is also gives the players who are struggling a chance to get a good team next year if they wish. We will have two points systems this year. The 2 systems are almost identical 1 is to give us the draft order for madden 19 the other is for the Madden 19

    A breakdown of the points system
    The system for the draft order
    • This system only runs for the regular season.
    • 1-32 Points for season position at the end. (1 point for best player - 32 points for worst player)
    • 5 Point game played bonus. Each week you receive 5 points if you play your game regardless if its a player, CPU team or if your opponent is on Auto pilot. So make sure to get your games played. There is 17 weeks in the regular season, 1 week is a bye week so you don't receive points for that. The total amount of points you can accumulate throughout the season is 80 points.
    • You also get a season finished bonus of 100 points. If you play less than half the games in a season you will only get 50 points
    • Anyone that breaks a rule and gets a warning this year will get a 50 point penalty
    • People that decide to leave the league for any reason, as we know some people need to. Then they will be placed on the inactive player list. The season points you accumulated will be reduced at 50%/season missed
    The system for the Madden 19 giveaway
    basically the same as above with subtle differences as explained below.
    • This system runs through regular and post season
    • The regular season points will be reversed. (32 points for the best player - 1 point for the worst)
    • Games played bonus will stop when regular season does
    • Both AFC and NFC champs will get 10 points each.
    • Superbowl winner will get an additional 15 points.

    The standings will be posted in here in the middle of every season and at the end so you can keep track.
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  2. @VGFL Member

    Current season points for draft order (week 7 season 2)
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