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Machinarium Review

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by MilkyMalky, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. I used to play DotT and Monkey Island too. I completed Machinarium this morning and I would recommend it to people. It's a nice change for the 'usual' games out there.
  2. I don't think I've ever played a point a click adventure before, I instantly dismissed this as I thought it was just another pointless platform game, I might give it a go now (especially as it's free), cheers Uncle Milky ;)
  3. Started playing this a few weeks ago nice little game art style is good although confusing at times when looking for items to clear areas.

    It makes a break from the norm like xorro mentioned will need to make time to playthrough until the end.

  4. you've NEVER played Monkey Island? even a little bit??? you need to rectify this!
  5. Thanks for that Milky. I've been pondering over wether to buy this for my ipad or not. I'll get it when I get home on the strength of that review.
  6. Out of interest who has played the Monkey Island 1 & 2 HD versions...but played in the original way? I miss the blockiness
  7. Craptacular, just realised, I never put the scoring chart on the bottom of the review.

    It got a 7/10 from memory, will upload it tonight.
  8. Nope, never. Not sure why tbh. Must've just passed me by.
  9. you got an ipad?
  10. Monkey Island - getting Cheese Squigglies from the boat.

    I think I liked DOTT better though, weirder.

    Played them both on the PC, I hope DOTT comes out for ps3
  11. Not yet but thinking about getting one, just trying to convince the ol' ball and chain that we need one :D
  12. +1 I absolutely loved the game. Would love it to pop up on PS3.

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