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Longest Headshots!

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by littlechappers, May 25, 2012.

  1. Just been having a look through battlelog stats and am made up to see that i have finally got a longer headshot than Hooblue! lol
    i got a 253.72m on gulf of oman a few days ago! its was a cracking shot but i know a few people on here have got longer headshots!
    post here your longest headshot, where and when you got it! :wallbash: :yawn:
  2. Mine is 180m which I thought was quite impressive at the time. It was also on Oman, I took out a sniper on top of one of the tall buildings on the edge of the map.
  3. :rotfl: :rotfl:

    To be fair mate that's not much of an achievement as I'm possible the worlds worst long range sniper! Any sniping I do is more aggressive at mid range (and I'm shit at that too!).

    You've got quite a way to go until you beat billy and tin_rib though I think!

    However mine was on a CQ game on Canals quite a while ago. 252.93m. On the US side, spawn trapped on the boat so I thought I'd snipe abit as it was the end of the game and I couldn't be arsed with dying more. Prone on the deck of the boat and headshotted a guy near the crates at dock side near A.
  4. hey, when i first started playing i thought a 109m was good with a 3.4x scope! then started hearing about people with 700+m and thought "hang on a minute"!
    when i told hoo about a 251m that i got, he told me he'd just pipped it with a 253.92 which ive been trying to beat for a while!
    trouble is my preferd weapon is the Q-BU but i hate the 12x scope! i really like the 7x tho, so not really getting massive longshots under my belt!
    trying to use recon abit now to unlock the M series weapons so stay posted! lol :twisted:
  5. 450.60m - Firestorm - SV98

    He was on top of the far crane, I was behind the oil fields. I was aiming for him. Took a few shots as he kept hiding behind the engine box

    If someone can give me a map I'll mark from and to where. I cant find any for firestorm?!
  6. Kharg island 470 meters two snipers camp on top of the big tower in the middle, I nailed them from the petrol station with one of the semi automatic sniper rifles.
  7. I have no idea about mine but hopefully it will be beaten tonight, unless I am on the shotgun team, I havent looked.
  8. You're on the sniper team mate, at least to start. Think we'll swap over after the first game. And your longest headshot is 122.53 so far, which you should beat even on Canals.
  9. soz guys... 720.19... BOOM!!!!
  10. :**** you: :**** you:

    I wondered how long it'd take you to pipe up! :rotfl:
  11. lol i did smile when i saw the topic... whos gonna present me my crown???
  12. i'm going away this weekend but next week it will be beaten tin! :**** you:
  13. best break the 1000m meter mark this weekend then... give you a proper challenge!!
  15. sorry? computer went bad there?^^^^^^^^^^
    i meant to say
    im away this weekend but next week your 720 will get beaten tin!
  16. That is just ridiculous.
  17. 570m a respectable top 3 or so. Made better by the fact it was a gunner in a hecoloptor!!!
    Noshar Canals, second kill with the L96 (finished the round 7 for 21 ... i can't snipe)
    Not a touch on 720 though, jeez.
  18. oooooooooooh, i doubled my longest last night while playing 4 vs 4 on gulf of oman with OdB! got a 511m with the QBU again! I proned in Olive Fort and took out a sniper on the top of the closest building over the top of veterans retreat!
    i'm not sure how you can get close to tin_ribs 750m without a certain degree of hit and hope but i applaud you sir!
  19. tbh mate i cant remember when i did it, got a sneeky feeling was playing rush on operation firestorm, attacking and made my way up the rocks to the right of the first spawn point. would have stayed there for the whole of the match and sniped across the map to last set of mcoms. setup would have been m98b and bipod (essential for long distance sniping). i did this pre-patch btw, not sure it makes any difference though.
  20. ive no idea if it makes any odds really? i dont even know if i had the game before the patch and if i did, i wasnt really in to it very far?
    after getting my 511m the other night, i was beginning to wonder what the hell i'd have to do to get anywhere near it!
    i did mean my 511m but could barely see the sniper i hit! the only reason i knew he was deffo able to be hit was that i'd spotted him first and his name gave him away in orange!
    they dont have any stronger magnification scopes than 12x so im still wondering how you managed a 750+?
    ive still got to unlock the M98B but its my next unlock as recon so will be hammering it to get some long headswhots with it!
    ive been enjoying the QBU-88 but only as its a semi auto! i tend to find if i dont get a one shot kill with a bolt action, they move before i get the second shot on!

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