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Last night on the Battlefield.....

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Riddler_Tam, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Fresh thread created since part 2 reached over 1000 posts well done guys

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  2. Okay, who's on tonight?
  3. Might be. I'll be up for the transfer window anyway.
  4. Should be. Gonna try more jet action and might hook up the capture thingy and do some filming.
  5. looking forward to some games tonight, not been on for a couple of nights now.

    gav - if you do do some recording im still working on the LW vid so any clips will help out. ive got some good clips of me and ill flying but they're more-so gameplay footage and im trying to get action type clips that isnt just someone shooting someone, but involving the environment with buildings collapsing or choppers getting wiped out on cranes... its abit hit n miss and may take some time but combining our efforts should help. :thumb:
  6. Might try and get on tonight too.
  7. Not gonna lie... not been having fun recently... strange really...

    I'll still be on tonight though Mr. Rib if you wanna do some more jets... I'll try and do some more 'epic' stunts for you...
  8. You are pinpoint accurate with that mouse chum. Impossible for any controller guy to live with that in a 1 on 1. Might try it yet.
  9. yeh will defo join you in the sky mate, think its just a case of spending enough time in the air and eventually something epic will happen. possibly abit of low formation flying would look pretty smart, or something like when you road killed that guy on top of the building next to D on kharg lol. i was in the spawn menu when that happened and all i saw was this flash of a jet then the guy you hit doing cartwheels in the sky and landing on the containers lol.
  10. I still get beat in one on ones. When my back is turned or I can't see the guy shooting. Or it's Nas lying down in the corner with a shotty lol
  11. Also more then likely depends on rpm
  12. would be cool if you could do like the bit in pearl harbor when they play chicken and split at last minute making the enemy japs cash into one another, with added low ground flying.
  13. Yeah and you were on 800 last night ;-)
  14. that sounds freaking EPIC!! gotta try that ish
  15. Well if you go to Edinburgh Billyboy you'll see sh1t like that every August.

    Good wee session last night. Me and Carnage split after we got pitched against yous. It wouldn't have been fun with Speedy Gonzales (see what I did there?) in the form he was in.

    Then tried to get a Gun Master Ribbon but just missed out twice twice :sad: so went TDM where we were joined by Gav and Nazz again to finish the night off.
  16. lol at speedy lol
  17. Was a good few hours on there before calling it a night at around midnightish.

    Came back on at like 12:45 for some more action joined up with some of syn guys was real good although net my match in the sky's due to spawn raping little tw@s and being 2 on 1 then eventually bought it back and started going ham on some pilots tanks and choppers. Almost had another multi kill on operation firestorm when taking out the transport chopper but a guy bailed last minute ( saw the chute).

    All in all good games been shooting jets down in third person which is fun :)

    See yas tonight...

    Quote of the evening I think should be

    "Did he just get his peanut taken?"
  18. Aye, Billy had been eating too many sweeties again.

    Got on briefly this afternoon and tried to get that Gun Master Winner Ribbon again. Didn't manage :-( Thanks for the tip Nazz, will try that later.

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