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Last night on the Battlefield 1.....

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Wicksy, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Post up about your night on battfield 1... The good, the bad and the ugly, we want to see / hear about it!!!

    If you have any clips post them up

    #1 Wicksy, Oct 21, 2016
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  2. Last night it spent most of the time freezing or crashing

    Liking the Italian hill map though
  3. Absolutely loving all the maps, graphics are great, no attachments and best of all none of this jumping 30 foot in the air crap
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  4. This games brilliant glad a dev has had the balls to go back to basic gunplay in a world war setting. Only gripe is the rank medic 2 trophy aint popped

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  5. Should be good now, restart your PS4 if can't log in
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  6. Good games tonight again troops. Squad of 5 working well together. The Operations are something to behold ☺

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  7. Nothing better than a team mate calling out "Oh shit he's over there!" I laugh and ask where then BOOM head is taken right off by a sniper :LOL:
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  8. lol was that @RobbieBrewis again doing "a brunty" on us
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  9. Last nights rush games were good, some maps ive not done before but was really good. Need to sort my sensitivity out tho as was all over the place with the gun i was using.
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  10. Yep lol
  11. I really enjoy it. Still get vehicles (although on the hillside map I really wish there was no F-ing tanks! lol) Its essentially demolition from CoD on a conquest map that you're only playing on a set part each phase then progressively you get moved to the next area (for those who haven't played it) it feels like you're in quicker combat and its quite fast paced. Really enjoying Rush
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  12. @Satf01 yeah I got my medic class to rank 5 before it popped, after looking on Google it seems it's the patch that fucked their trophys up and everyone's having the problem, it should come through eventually
  13. Good games until you left. We then played some TDM and got completely spanked.

    Operations seemed a good mode, didn't have a clue what I was doing at first and I wasn't very useful for the squad.

    Bought the Selbstlader that @Andy_XCite recommended in the other thread and it is a much better medic gun. The sound of the gun is brilliant, a big reason for me to choose a gun. In previous Battlefields I have chosen guns just because of their sound (UMP45 in BF3 and Bulldog in BF4) and I wouldn't use silencers as I didn't want to change the sound of the gun.
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  14. Generally I don't use sniper. Got a headshot and then reload and another headshot too

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    #14 Bartell, Oct 26, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016
  15. had a shot of pigeon carrier mode just to test it out wasn't really pto...but got a 7 kill streak then it ended.

    Tried new weapon on the medic class defo better than the starter one.

    Also had mad kills as sniper and using the sniper shield is really a great new piece of kit.

    Gotta say gas bombs also are getting me loadsa kills and I don't know why its so simple to press up and put a gas mask on wtf are my opponents doing?

    Did you shoot a turtle in the head on the beach? A turtle beach headshot...err I mean headset?

    Oh I'm all confused now :)

    what pi55es me off is when you go in a plane as pilot and you get a front gunner come inside it obscures the first person view as all you see is the gunner in front of you so have to use the 3rd person camera, that really needs fixed IMO.

    Also, could do with taking away the entering vehicles animations
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  16. Funny man :) phone had changed it so I've amended it now lol
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  17. theres no bullet drop on sniper anymore, easier but actually realistic over these ranges
  18. I saw bullet drop over longer range. Pretty certain
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  19. yeah i had bullet drop on my sniper at night at long range
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  20. Bullet velocity has been increased this is why there's little to no bullet drop over short to medium range. Only over long range do you see it (massively)

    Increasing velocity isn't a bad thing but over medium range there should be some

    Basically they've dumbed down sniping. Add to that single shot body kills then snipers now an easy class to get good at
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