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Join User Group [Mod]

Discussion in 'News & Competitions' started by Wicksy, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. @Registered

    I have added a new mod to the forum which lets you add yourself to a group, this way we can add lots of groups that people can join.

    We can then be a little more specific when tagging in threads for example Hardware rivals, you can join that group and then if we run a Game night or a Tournament then we can tag @Hardware Rivals and just the members in that group will get the notification.

    Here are the steps to join the groups of your choice, if you have any games that you feel we should add post in this thread and i will add them to the list ASAP.


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  2. You may see you are already joined on a group, dont worry its where we (Admin) have added you to it in the past for Tournaments and Game Nights
  3. Gents - a suggestion for a tournie/game night - the amazing Snooker (via Pure Pool). PP is £15.99 and snooker is an add-on for £3.29. Easily the most addictive game i've come across for some time. Seriously top notch.
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  4. Thinking about it i believe there a few of us that have that already. Haven't played it since the PS4 came out but a good shout il let @Riddler_Tam know as he setting up a few different gaming nights for members.
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  5. Great shout would love to see this used well with the Division when it launches.
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  6. Group has been added for the division you can select it from your menu.
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