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iPhone Help Needed - Photo Transferring

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by ODB, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Guys I need some help please.

    I have loads of Vids and Pics of my kids on my phone which I want to transfer to a HDD somewhere for safe storage. I can move the ones in my 'Camera Roll' across in the main file which I can find so they arent any problem.


    I have numerous other Albums in there (Photo Library - from when I had a Galaxy S, Camera and Ipod) which i cant find. They are on an old PC that packed up so itunes cant pick them up by looks of it and can only see the new ones and back those up.

    Is there anyway I can pull ALL images on my phone off and store them somewhere? An app maybe that collates them altogether and puts them all in 1 place to transfer. I dont mind paying for such a thing either as I'm terrified of losing these pics frankly, new born pics everything!
  2. Re: iPhone Help Needed - Phto Transferring

    I can't find it at the moment, but there was a thread on AVF listing an app you could download that'd do it for you...

    I'll look harder.
  3. Re: iPhone Help Needed - Phto Transferring

    cheers mate
  4. anyone? :( Daughters Birthday on Fiday so could do with clearing some photo space too
  5. I'm sure I you connect your phone to a pc I appears as a hard drive which you can then browse and copy as required
  6. It does Millsy, put only the camera roll pics are visible, not the other ones that synced via iTunes unfortunately. Those re the others that ODB wants to take off.

    I'll have a look tomorrow to see if I can find a way bud.
  7. Yeah...stupid Apple! If I restore I'll lose about 300 photos :(
  8. Believe I have sorted this now. Found an app when I searched for Photo Transfer called...Photo Transfer App funnily enough! - www.phototransferapp.com.

    £1.99 and is fantastic I have to say! Supposedly moves 200 photo's at a time but as far as I can tell its max is actually 100! Basically select if your sending to another Apple product/Mac/Windows PC...then select photo's you want or an album you want. It auto splits up once they go past 100 so that makes it much easier and you can then just select all. Couldnt work out how to transfer to another Apple device BUT to transfer to a PC you just stick in an ip address in the address bar and it shows all the ones you've selected. Then you just individually download each pic OR you can download as a batch. It also zips them first if you want full resolution....so one press and you have 100 photos within about 2 mins at full res downloaded to your PC...pretty good for wireless!!! Videos have to be done individually though and it seperates these at the top. These are mega slow though so thats the only downside!
  9. PhotoTrans app is great for photo transfer. Plus, you can also use iPhoto and iPhone Transfer apps. This article lists 3 ways to transfer photos, you can check it out.
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