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Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Riddler_Tam, Dec 14, 2015.

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    Been using the internet movie database to keep record of films I have watched over the years using their watchlist feature. So far I have put 1608 films in my watchlist which spans over 33 years.

    My top 10 highest rating movies are:

    1. The shawshank Redemption
    2. The Godfather
    3. The Godfather Part II
    4. The Dark Knight
    5. The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
    6. Pulp Fiction
    7. Fight Club
    8. Forrest Gump
    9. The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring
    10. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

    My Top 10 Lowest rating movies are:

    1. Disaster Movie
    2. Lawnmower Man 2
    3. Home Alone 4
    4. Meet The Spartans
    5. Creepshow 3
    6. Neverending Story III
    7. Dark Feed
    8. Jack And Jill
    9. House 4
    10. Mac And Me

    Not surprised by either films in the highest/lowest lot of good and bad films in both. anyone else use the watchlist for films they have seen if so what is your amount and top highest/lowest lists.
  2. I'm sure ODB will be pleased to see fight club above Star Wars.
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  3. I didn't even know you could do this - I wish I had done it :(
  4. Still time download the app and do it from your phone ;)
  5. haha aye its trying to remember the literally 100's or thousands I've watched
  6. Just go through every film on IMDB if you have a spare day or 30.
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  7. Haha cheers!
  8. I'm trying to add ones to my watchlist after setting up an account

    An hour later I'm at 333 titles and reckon there is loads more too lol
  9. I have probably been keeping record for a year or two found a few films I had forgetten I'd ever seen or I recall a film from another I'm watching with a particular actor or actress who starred in it.
  10. Had another 15 minutes got to like 400! I can see this continuing for some time haha
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  11. You can add a fair bit with films and their sequels nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th etc :rofl:
  12. Just too many to do, I need to get out more
  13. Amount of time spent at the cinema I'll bet!
  14. Way too much time but it gets me away from the wife :)
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