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If not BF3, then what?

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Swayndo, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. A lot of us talking about feeling a bit meh about BF3 at the mo. Thing is we all enjoy the craic of our social evenings together, its just we do the same thing over and over. You jump on and try to join the few in a game, you get pitched on the other side but you get together sooner or later. You tend to dominate and sometimes get kicked or banned.

    Last night I went over 500 hours online on BF3. It owes me nothing yet its going to keep on giving with forthcoming DLC, but it would be good if we had something else we could all buy and play at certain times. I know some play GT and FIFA ... I do racing games on the Xbox and have no interest in footie games. I would be interested in buying another squad based shooter if others did the same. GRFS is meant to be decent, yeah or what about Warfighter? Many of us have PS+ so what about the free games?

    Just some thoughts to get some discussion going ...
  2. BF1943?
  3. I'm definitely getting war fighter so ill be up for that, I know I don't tend to play evenings much (just to shagged to play or concentrate) but how about some old school GTA 4 for a night, always a laugh. Just a idea for the mix.
  4. Well how about games like SOCOM, Red Dead, GTA4?

    I'm heavily into Gears of War right now although I know that's not on PS3.

    I'm taking a break from Bf3 to play some other games in my library. Namely a few Xbox games but also Assassins creed and the Uncharted games.
  5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    I shall say this only once.
  6. Streets of Rage 2?
  7. Not heard of this, wos it all about?
  8. So, this CS:GO game, is it released via PSN or a retail game?
  9. iv taken a nice break from gaming, being summer and busy and all. but looking though the threads and i cant find anybody getting excited about counter strike G:O. fozzeh wats going on. this game is the basis of all fps and still has a massive following of the original.

    im getting this and swayndo give this a shot if you havent played the pc version. out 21st august i think

    oh 1943 is ace aswell but you no that ;)
  10. Demmer CS has certainly been mentioned a lot here. Old farts like me who started on CS with the PC have been creaming for this game to come out, this is the Grail of FPS games only MOhaa could rival its following on the PC. Im certainly going to buy the game thats for sure, then the new pos Moh later in september.
  11. Welcome back demmer, a break is good for the soul.
  12. Buy a pc and get day-z.

    Ps3 wise FIFA and blops2 zombies will take most of my spare time. Bring on the 4v4 clashes.
  13. Some people need to realise that the game they play now was bore from the loins of CS! :D

    There has been a bit of chatter but I think most are stuck in their ways. The quality and longevity of BF3 has a lot of people hooked. Yes, there is a lot of variety but each to their own. I can take it or leave it. BlOps2 could be the same but, as Eagle says, zombies adds a brilliant side to the game.

    But CS…this will be taking things back to the roots of gaming; limited load out, 1 death per round, a few guns, a few maps. But, saying all that, I don’t know how I will feel after all these years of playing then stopping…and whether the new crowd will enjoy it.

    Wish I had space/time for a PC but I think I have grown out of PC gaming.

    Blops zombies though... :eek:la:
  14. I've had a two week break and plan my comeback tonight to see that no one plays it anymore...
  15. Can't believe I forgot this but what about Payday: The Heist? New DLC came out yesterday and its on offer so its about £10.30 all in I think. If anyone has played Left 4 Dead you'll see massive similarities in the way its set out
  16. Maybe a Admin can start a thread on who might be getting CS?
  17. CS was my field training for BF. could i play it again... over armored kill... not so sure... will wait for reviews i think.
  18. Had a wee look at CS. Graphically it looks a bit basic ... I get wowed by such things :oops: Would still buy it if others did too.

    I played the demo of Payday with Pinky Floyd ... it was okay, but again quite basic to look at.

    I've not played Killzone 3 online ... is it still fairly busy? Also have SOCOM and MW2.

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