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HMV iPod trade in

Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by WolfCarnage, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Last year HMV did a promotion where by you could trade in your old iPod (various models) towards a newer model. They are doing it again this year and I'll be taking advantage of it. I can get £60 for my iPod touch 1st gen and knock that off the £169 needed for a 4th gen 16gb.

    The newer the model the more you get obviously. Thought it was worth a mention.
  2. £60 for a first gen, that's a great price..
  3. They go for about £50 on eBay but that's before you take off the fees. The offer is only on until November 18th so be quick.
  4. Took my iPod 1st gen into HMV today and traded it for a 4th gen 16gb white. Total cost £109.

    The bloke as he was checking it managed to somehow break the home button by pressing it too hard and also asked "how do you turn the volume up" doh!

    I quickly deleted all I could from it and shut it down, handed it over and left with my new one. 3 years of good times I had from that iPod touch. Can't believe the bloke broke it in 30 seconds.

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