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History Makers: Records of VGFL

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    VGFL Hall of Fame - Record Book

    Individual Records


    QB Passer Rating (Must have attempted 150 throws):
    Davis Webb NYG 143.5 (M18 Season 4) -

    QB Completion Percentage (Must have attempted 150 Throws):
    Cam Newton CAR 74% (M17 Season 3) - Bartell

    QB Passing Yards:
    Nash Ulmer LAC 4645 Yards (M18 Season 4) - Fazak

    QB Touchdowns:
    Aaron Rodgers GB 45 touchdowns (M17 Season 1) - StaticGator

    WR Yards:

    Odell Beckham Jr NYG 1578 Yards (M18 Season 4) - Hierro1994

    WR Touchdowns:

    John Ross CIN 18 Touchdowns (M18 Season 4) - Arron
    Odell Beckham Jr NYG 18 Touchdowns (M18 Season 4) - Hierro1994

    HB Rushing Yards:
    Devonta Freeman ATL 2318 Yards (M18 Season 4) - Yabba's Turd

    HB Touchdowns:
    Dixon Wise CIN 31 Touchdowns (M18 Season 3) - Aron


    Eric Wilson NYG 21 Interceptions (M18 Season 1) - Hierro1994

    Myles Garrett CLE 28.5 Sacks (M18 Season 2) - Davidkinghun

    Avery Williamson TIT 138 Tackles (M17 Season 2) - Moreno2715

    Forced Fumbles:
    Melvin Ingram SD 7 Forced Fumbles (M17 Season 1)

    Fumble Recoveries:
    Bobby Wagner SEA 5 Fumble Recoveries (M17 Season 2) - Tim-Hollenstedt

    Team Records

    Offense Total (YPG):
    Cincinati Bengals 389.0 Yards (M18 Season 4) - Arron

    Offense Passing (YPG):
    Pitsburgh Steelers 282.9 Yards (M17 Season 3)

    Offense Rushing (YPG):
    Cincinnati Bengals 188.3 Yards (M18 Season 3) - Aron

    Offense Total Touchdowns:
    Seattle Seahawks 64 Touchdowns (M17 Season 1)

    Defense Total Yards Allowed Per Game:
    Kansas City Chiefs 206.9 Yards (M17 Season 2) - Dwevans

    Defense Passing Allowed (YPG):
    San Francisco 49ers 149.2 Yards (M17 Season 2) - DavidKingHun

    Defense Rushing Allowed (YPG):
    Kansas City Chiefs 43.8 Yards (M17 Season 3) - Dwevans

    Defense Sacks:
    New York Giants 68 Sacks (M18 Season 4) - Hierro1994

    Defense Fumbles Recoveries:
    Jacksonville Jaguars 28 Forced Recoveries (M17 Season 3)

    Defense Interceptions:
    New England Patriots 39 Interceptions (M18 Season 4) dwevans

    VGFL Hall of Shame - Record Book

    QB Worst Rating (must have attempted 100 Throws):
    Dak Prescott COW 41.3 (M17 Season 2) - RobbieBrewis

    QB Interceptions:
    Jameis Winston TB 56 Interceptions (M17 Season 1) - Kallax4

    QB Sacks:
    DeShone Kizer CLE 73 Sacks (M18 Season 4) - Murdo
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    #1 Eaglewolfenstein, Mar 26, 2017
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  2. @VGFL Member @VGFL Moderators

    One more week left guys until the records books get filled.

    We all know a buccs QB will be on the list for sure.
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  3. Think of any other records we should keep then please let us know.
  4. Tyreek tied the NFL record for Punts Returned for a TD in a season...before he then sadly got injured (on a punt return!) :(
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    #4 dwevans, Mar 26, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2017
  5. As a steeler fan eagle none of our db's ever get any Int's (mainly thanks to being subjected to Ike "brick hands" Taylor and willie "big play" gay the best part of the last 10 years) therefore it was nice to see one of our dbs finish top of the pass break up / deflections category albeit that off season he ran off in free agency to the saints . So is it possible too and would it be worth tracking the db with most pass deflections/break ups?
  6. Since football is a team sport, I'd like to see some Team Stats, which we can easily pull from daddyleagues.

    Offense: Total Yards, Rushing Yards (because quite a few teams don't employ a 3-down workhorse), Total Touchdowns & Points, Least & Most Sacks allowed.
    Defense: Least Total Yards allowed, Least Points allowed, Most Total Turnovers/Interceptions/Forced Fumbles, Most Sacks. Most Defensive TDs.

    For individual records I'd add most defensive TDs.

    Also, make sure you pull the Tackles & Sacks stats from the CFM since daddyleagues only counts solo tackles and rounds up in terms of Sacks; 3.5 sacks are counted as 4 etc
  7. Congratulations @Kallax4 you had that one tied up before half way point of the season :LOL:
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  8. If you wanted to swap winston for a pair of old reliable hands to steady the ship just let me know @Kallax4 sure brees has one last ring in him
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  9. I'd happily let the committee decide on some community awards for players and HC.

    Players of the season
    HC awards
    Maybe even play of the season if it's on highlight reel

    Just some thoughts @Eaglewolfenstein @dean @Kookiano
  10. Thats my prize
  11. @VGFL Member
    I have now updated the record book. In case I made a mistake, just let me know. Cheers
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  12. All records now been updated. Fair few have been beaten
  13. Hey! My birds got a record! NICE!
  14. M17 Season 3 Updated.

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