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Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by deanomcfee91, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. I will try to post as many games as i can, i can only access videos posted on twitch. I can't find any freeware for youtube, does anyone know of any?
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  3. i only managed to do 5 games for pre-season week 1
  4. I think @Bartell knows one that he used to use.
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  5. chargers vs titans was part of pre-season week 1 and raiders vs saint are part of week 1 oops.
    i need to check next time lol

  6. WEEK 1 fellas hope you enjoy put a lot of effort in to this one.

    Also if you want to skip straight to a game, you will have to go to youtube.
    search for VGFL sim madden league.
    Go to the page then go to the description and the links are there.
    Don't forget to subscribe too
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  7. Awesome dean! Great work. Glad to see Tyreek getting the split screen treatment!

    I know you had a lot of picks in your game but almost all were thrown straight at defenders, most of which were usered.

    Some really good games in week 1! :clap:
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  8. Great work
    Hard game against Buc's our QB are out for some heavy training on passing this week haha
    Think J.W had 7 Interceptions
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    #10 Kallax4, Feb 4, 2017
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  9. Sorry @c-los only 3mins of your video worked for some reason after i downloaded it so i didn't add it.
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  10. Nice work @dean its a great feature to have for the league

  11. Let me know what you think of the intro. Too long?
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  12. @dean Intro a tiny bit long, but great reel as usual
  13. The long intro makes it look like i'm watching something not computer games related official at least if I get my phone out at work. ;)
  14. This is great work @dean
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  15. @VGFL Member hopefully i will be able to get week 4 highlights out to you guys tomorrow night. Week 5 highlights may be late as i have a very busy week next week but i will try my best to get them out on time.
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    #18 deanomcfee91, Feb 12, 2017
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  16. F-ing ridiculous game TBF. Surprised there was any highlights to use.
  17. I have a quiet morning and just wondered @dean how did week 4 highlights come along? Or did you not get chance to do them? If not then all good, I just fancied watching some while I had some spare time

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