hello all


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hi all new to this forum a bit about my self am a older guy in my 40,s still love playing my ps4 games play fortnite cod titanfall paladins etc etc my reactions aint what they used to be lol. any one that is a older guy girl wants to join me on fortnite etc let me know my psn is Dave_CnD_Gaming be warned am bad but i learn fast haha any way thats me allso i stream with a fella geordie on twitch at


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Hi Dave, dont worry there are plenty of older generations gamers on here, there is @Riddler_Tam, @WolfCarnage and @WARIO. There all old C**ts too :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Im in my mid 30's and still game most nights so you are in good hands on VGF. I play Fortnite.. Sorry i try and play fortnite, FIFA and also COD but thats lost its charm with me at mo.