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Hardline - Beta thoughts so far??

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by prison_inmate, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    So lets create a thread in the proper section for Hardline....

    Now we have had a chance to play it for a couple of nights what are your thoughts?? Heres my two penneths..

    Heist - after originally being a bit confused of the tasks at hand I think this could possibly be a very good mode, requiring good teamwork/tactics and communication, as part of the team will need to break the vault, support the bag carriers to the drop off points and hold off the cops. Whilst the cops will need to try to cover the vault and each drop off point etc.

    Hotwire - I have really enjoyed this mode, as its a bit hectic and a good laugh, although I guess it could get a bit boring, it would be well worth a few games to break up the session a bit.

    Conquest - Well CQ is CQ and it will take a bit of getting used to not having overpowered vehicles (tanks/attack choppers etc), however the infantry beta gameplay has been enjoyable and pretty solid.

    Gameplay - overall the hit detection hasn't been too bad (especially for a beta) and hopefully it will improve with time and also the graphics are pretty good imo. The grapping hooks will bring a different element to the game, however I am not sure about the ability to bring yourself back to life after certain types of death - suppose I will like using it but trash anyone else who does!

    Overall I am impressed with the beta and the fact they are trying something different, however proof will be in the pudding and I hope its a solid experience sooner than BF4 was.

    What to you guys think?
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  2. Nice breakdown prison.

    As I mentioned in the online games to look forward to thread the best thing I think they did was delay the initial release until this year I am hearing a lot more positive response to the beta than the first one they released.

    Heist looks like it will be a good game mode it was something I enjoyed about payday having to communicate with your team cover them or vice versa as you open a vault or create an exit. I thought the round was going to be over pretty quickly but it lasted quite a while I also liked the different vantage points for attack/defence as well. At some points after death I spawned on the roof which led to attacks on the street to stop the police entering the building.

    Hotwire I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing I just got in a car, bike and helicopter (lasted 2 seconds in the air with the helicopter) and cruised around the maps. Which team I was in and actual objective had me scratching my head I saw a moving vehicle chased it, crashed into it.. saw it was possibly my colour and drove away... :oops:

    Gameplay for me is at it's core battlefield 3/4 with a cops and robbers skin this is no bad thing as I told eagle while playing it is change and change can be good and from what I tried I think this one is for the better.

    the sound from my headset I thought was very good a lot of noise going on guns, vehicles, callouts etc at one point with the music playing in the heist game mode it reminded me of the big fight scene at the end of dark knight rises enjoyed the atmosphere it gave a lot.

    Graphics are nice and polished good detail in the maps and characters as they run around, vehicles looked kind of plain I think a option to add your own touch would be good clan or team colours not sure but those looked the most out of sorts when playing the beta looked off compared to everything else.
  3. I would like the ability to play my own music (from Spotify when its enabled etc) when driving, that would be ace, although unlikely.
  4. You can currently play your own music via a usb stick or hard drive I have done it with driveclub and the crew. When spotify is enabled you will get the option to play via that also when playing games.
  5. But surely that means playing the music all of the time and not just when it warrants it.
  6. On thinking I'd say so but they're mentioning you can listen to music while gaming like it's a feature or something not sure how it works, think it's due to roll out end of this month or start of next so not long to wait to find out.
  7. Tam, when you get in a car, you can turn the radio on/change track with circle. It took me back to my BF1942 days when choppering around to Ride of the Valkyries.

    It would need a good code overlay to be able to choose songs from your HDD/USB, play then when it requests...but then would it be playing to other people which would be an instant upload by you to server then down to them...possible but would probably get abused...so would probably only be against accounts where the songs are 'regulated'.
  8. Only played Hotwire bout that was a blast. Payday meets GTA meets BF. Brilliant. The maps and games will be excellent with private servers.

    Glad to be back on the BF scene and have something fresh to play. BF4 just seemed like BF3 to me.
  9. Wonder if the single player will actually be worth it this time around, it looks pretty promising from what I have read/seen so far.
  10. I was talking the spotify intergration in general not game specific mate not sure if I've got my wires crossed with it but you can play music direct from the xmb bar while in the main menu or any game, spotify should allow this as well.

    I get what you mean though with a radio station style option specific to the car you are in though.
  11. Battlefield Hardline Beta has been extended until Monday night.
  12. Il have a look later mate when I get on laptop
  13. Well, now its over I haven't really changed my mind on this, I thought the beta was great and the game is a defo day one purchase for me, as I hope it is for all of the usual gang. Granted there were the usual FPS issues (suspect hit detection) but this wasn't any worse than the current BF4 build imo.

    Whilst being a well known vehicle whore I am actually glad they are not too over powered in this and also they are also a bit harder to take down, I think the balance is about right (this obviously could change once everyone unlocks everything) but I like the idea of having to find a crate with an rpg/stinger rather than being spammed as soon as you spawn in the previous versions.

    I really enjoyed all of the game modes and still maintain that Hotwire is a great laff, squishing people with a muscle car will never get old!
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  14. Fully agree. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it that much but did! I think the new modes (well, Heist is a rebranded Rush…but I loved Rush in BF3 anyway) can only be built on with whatever else is in there at release.

    I thought the way you earned money was good, the guns seemed ok (shotgun was quite overpowered but mid-short range (was an easy 1HK when it could have been 2)), vehicles are to my liking (overpowering tanks…great if you’re all on even keel but not when you’re higher ranked), chopper was fun (although getting shot through the window was a bastard), squad join worked well, watching the sand storm come in from up high on Dustbowl was damn good too.

    I defo need to get Alien finished in the next 5 weeks!
  15. I am glad that with BFH that you can pick and choose your weapons and add ons .. saves you having to fight through with one weapon just to get a decent scope etc, can just buy your fave Gat and scope and crack on with the killing...

    was also enjoying the breaching charge... being a bit of a n00b and laying it on the deck for cars to drive over... (boom) not so hard to take down after all prison ;)

    when i saw the radio i had to have a giggle back to the vietnam days when someone asked how to change the music in a tank... :D haha
  16. Simply brilliant. A great addition to the BF series and different enough to not bore me to tears as I wade through more military maps which is what would have happened if it'd been another BF5,6,7.....

    And the new game modes show that something can be done to make it a bit like have several games in one.
  17. I got a lot of breaching charge kills in exactly the same way mate.. Just gets a bit boring waiting for the cars to come!
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  18. Another good point above, is the XP/cash system, I too really like the idea of being able to save up enough money to buy the best gun if you want to or a particular attachment, rather than grinding out a single weapon to get the unlocks (although I guess in reality that's all everyone will do....someone will post on the net that the blah blah, with a blah blah is the best gun and every one will have it).

    One issue I had is the level of destruction, pity you could level every building like BF4, as it would certainly change the dynamic of the rounds.

    But SQUAD JOIN WORKS FOR ME.....WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Missed a tip during the Beta. You could use the cop/criminal weapons with the other faction by setting your loadouts on Battlelog, it didn't work in game not sure if it was a bug or intentional.
  20. Another bit of fun with the "C4" is to lean out of the window and throw it at chasing cars behind you... wish you could actually see a look of realisation on the faces of those about to decimated .. would be awesome

  21. I really enjoyed the game. Went into the beta with a closed mind to be honest. But after playing only a couple of games I got into it. Time to kill was quick but then I liked that. I could actually shot someone and they would did rather then having to put a whole clip into someone just to get a assist counts as kill 100! Didn't mind getting killed that quick either, to me it brings more of a tactical gameplay at times as you actually had to think about things rather then jumping into a gang and somehow killing everyone.
    Enjoyed all the game modes, despite no tanks etc. Although I can tell hotwire could get a bit tedius when you have one guy camping couple points with the breaching charge!
    I am looking forward to the release and have pre-ordered it. Hope the final game is as good if not better then the beta, which it, in theory, should be.
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