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Guitar Hero

Discussion in 'Music Games' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Anyone play this and up for a game?
  2. Me and the missus would be up for a few games. Nothing kinky though.

    I have,

    World Tour
    Band Hero
    Legends of Rock
    Greatest Hits
    Guitar Hero 5
  3. I got 3 and world tour so could always have a battle. I warn you I am good though lol.

    When you up for a game?
  4. A bit of world tour tonight? Not sure what time but prob between 8 - 9?

    I'm not to hot if I'm honest. I only use medium and sometimes hard.
  5. Yerh sounds good as at 9.30 may pop on gt as need to get a good lap in for getting front of the grid.
  6. Good games baldy. I have to admit my missus played the first song.

    What ever sort of tunes did you pick? Korn? System of a Down?

    Any by the way, you got owned.......
  7. I never played battle so didn't really know what each bit did and the way I hold my guitar doesn't give me the chance to hold them and use them in hard places in songs.

    I am into my metal and rock that why I choose them type of songs. Should have a game again but where it all to do with who's gets most points.
  8. How do you hold your guitar?

    Great fun though. I'm not good enough to play on anything higher that medium.

    That lefty flip thing is a real little bugger. It well messed my tunes up.
  9. I hold it with the neck at a 75 degree angle so it In line with my shoulder. Only because I hold my electric guitar same way.

    Yerh lefty the worse one especially playing on expert. The system of a down song for some reason wouldn't register my plucks.

    Up for a game another time?
  10. Yeah sure, always up for a few games. Nice to dig GH out again.
  11. I remember playing this on a keyboard because I never had a special guitar made for this game. Good times, though.

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