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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ODB, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Any of the master race getting this>? pre-loading now, 59GB
  2. I might be getting it. I'm just waiting to see how easy / hard it will be to mod. I'm guessing it will be hard since there will be no official mod support from Rockstar. Time will tell...
  3. Was gta4 officially supported? I know there are a ton of mods but no idea on rockstars position on it
  4. I don't think GTA 4 was officially supported. I do know it was quite hard to mod (at least for a noob like me :D).
  5. I've never tried to mod it tbh, I meant to but I haven't completed the base game (well I have but not touched the gay Tony dlc)
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  6. £16.05 from Rockstar China ... might jump in. Only 59GB you say :)
  7. That's decent, does it come with subtitles?
  8. Grand theft rickshaw?
  9. Anyone got this on PC? I'm wanting a decent crew for heists and hoping to return the favour if your also struggling to get people together

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