Getting Steam Games Cheap...


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So...we know about the usual, GMG etc selling cheap stuff but what about other things?

Few things I've been trying lately

Firstly - <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> - Sign in with your Steam ID and just enter to win

Secondly - <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> - Same as before, sign in with Steam ID

WARNING - LOTS of scammers about on this, be VERY careful. Don't touch keys etc unless either A) They go first or B) have VERY good feedback. Even then I wouldn't go for expensive ones, accounts can be hijacked after all. I got scammed for a key by a high rated seller!!

Generally people are after 2 things here.

1 - Game trades - Inventory is No1 but some will want/take keys (safe if its in your steam inventory as you have to trade at same time after all).
2 - Keys. Generally TF2 keys (ie - <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... rate%20Key</a> ) or sometimes DOTA2 Keys (never bothered with them myself as these have a perceived lesser value despite costing the same on the marketplace).

Now with keys you may have an advantage. Keys tend to be valued around £2, though on marketplace they generally sell for like £1.46-£1.50 (max!) therefore if someone is after keys you may find this far cheaper than buying it with paypal or direct from the store.


- Resident Evil Revelations. £7.49 on the store. Bought for 3 keys so cost was £4.41.

Seen a few selling AC4: Black Flag pre order for the gold edition for $34. OR 16 keys so at £1.50 your talking £24!!!

Now after a while on Steam Trades you get to know a few people who can get you things cheap.

Couple of recommendations on these and trustworthy:

<a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> - Recommended via a friend, good guy, got SR4 + Season Pass for £24 I think it was, pre-release. Used him a couple of times and he's popular with the AVF PC crowd

<a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> - Found this one by accident really, traded with a guy and found out he has a Steam Group 'store'. Very good and he's become No1 choice on AVF

Both will want PayPal Gift, have a look at profiles and decide for yourself

Now remember, most of these will be trading out of Russia or using VPN's for Russia etc so MAKE SURE THERE IS NO REGION LOCK!!! Pretty sure you cant use EU DLC with these either so bare that one in mind in case you decide to buy DLC randomly

Hope this helps :thumb:

And for those that bothered to read this, have a free game :thumb up:


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ODB thanks for making this thread.

I Just completed my first trade today on steamtrades, everything seemed to go well. I didn't choose the cheapest seller but rather someone with high feedback, got Insurgency for 2 keys (around £3) which is about half the cost of its current sale price.


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Just be very careful mate. High feedback is by no means a guarantee seen a few with feedback in the hundreds change their ways their are account hacks to think of which is quite common. Just be cautious. Stick with trusted traders, you get a good one then ask if you can keep then on your FL and use again


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Thanks for the advice ODB.

Looked into it quite a lot before trading including reading your posts above. I chose someone with good feedback that had been on the site for 6 months and had traded recently (multiple trades in the previous 24 hours), was also on steam for 10 years (No VAC bans). I used keys as I didn't trust using paypal even though it was cheaper.

Part of the reason I chose Insurgency was that it was cheap and if I lost £3 it wasn't the end of the world. Will most likely use established shops for the most part and dip into Steamtrades for the cheaper games < £5


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Actually I fancy insurgency also. Bought ghostbusters today. Had to laugh as it was removed from steam years ago so those who had it unclaimed in their library were charging a fortune (you may notice some are called 'rare' eg Prey etc that's why). Bottoms obvo fallen out of that one