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Games to give away

Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by ricksavery, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Hello
    I have the following games I no longer need / want. They are in very good condition and are boxed. If you want them they are yours free.
    Reply or PM me (I assume that is possible on this forum - first time here)

    Hidden & Dangerous
    Hidden & Dangerous 2
    Line of Sight: Vietnam
    Operation Flashpoint - GOTY edition
    Iron Storm

    Would prefer it if they could be collected in person, but would be willing to post if the buyer pays the postage.

    I am in Cheshunt, Herts
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum

    I would move this thread to the classifieds section but that only viewable to people with a 20+ post count so you wouldn't see any posts yourself.

    i will leave it here for the time being but have a look around the forum and get involved. once you hit 20 posts i will move it.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm afraid I didn't realise this wasn't the correct place to post this thread. Lesson learnt.

    I was going to say good choice of football team (Spurs supporter here) but it looks like a basketball and I think there is an US team with Spurs in the title so halfway there :D
    Thanks again


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