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Games of 2011

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by theps3guy, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Nice report. Mind if I give my view?

    My most anticipated one was definitely Battlefield 3. Guess that was the case for half the folk on here (the other half being MW3). It has failed to deliver all it's promise as yet, so I'm gonna opt for Gears of War 3. It is a truly wonderful gaming experience. The best I've played.

    Arkham City is in my to-do pile and UC3 is in my Santa letter so I can't comment on either.
  2. Game of the year for me has been Battlefield 3, despite the few drawbacks. Other than that, I'd say probably Batman AC. Haven't finished UC3 yet but it's certainly a contender!
  3. Good article but it comes down to personal preference I think, many would choose BF over MW whereas I like both but enjoy BF more.

    Like Sway I go for Gears 3, fantastic experience, great gameplay, great visuals and a gripping and emotional story...packed full of cliches but as always it just works. MP is solid but enjoyable too
  4. On the games I have played, LA Noire and BF3 for me.
  5. You're all wrong Skyrim is GOTY ;)
  6. Haven't played it enough to judge really but have a feeling you could be right.

    I only picked BF3 because it the game I've played most. I'm sure once I've finished Batman UC3 and Skyrim my opinion my change!
  7. +1

    But I've yet to really get into UC3 and hopefully Santa will have bought me a couple of other contenders too.

    Special mention to Xenoblade Chronicles and Skyward Sword though. Just thought I'd get that in there because no-one else will :)

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