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Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Roberto, May 16, 2011.

  1. Episode 5 tonight!! :D
  2. Have I got this right. Is the queen getting nailed by her brother?
  3. Quote of week! :lol:

    Yep. And her kids are fathered by him not King Robert.
  4. Being from Norfolk this all sounds quite normal. I'm getting slightly arroused.
  5. Need to get my arse in gear, still got 3 & 4 to watch
  6. You know that just sounds so wrong :lol:

    His sister is fit though :D
  7. not this show again :roll:
  8. Pipe down, Chuck! ;)

    After watching that I think I've got to go and wash my eyes. :throwing up smilie:

    Don't know what was worse, the batty boys, the 'bitty', or the horse getting its head sliced clean off.

    Unbelievable :eek:
  9. So copied from Godfather
  10. That was a low point.
  11. slurp slurp slurp
  12. I'm going to watch this one tonight so no spoilers please.
  13. Edited by admin
  14. Jast watched the latest two of these and I almost hurled at the slurp slurp bit. Did they really need to put the sounds in?

    The latest one was excellent stuff though, especially Lanisters trial by combat.

    Good stuff.
  15. this is building up nicely looking forward to this war thats coming...

    what do you all make of these creatures beyond the walls, like to see them breach the wall and make a blood bath out of the villages in the north hehehe :finger:
  16. I got bored of it pretty quickly, I have such a short attention span it's untrue. Decided to watch The human planet series instead, brilliant.

    I might watch Tribe again.
  17. This is still pretty good for me, just starting to take shape. Once you invest a nit of time in the charactors you feel obliged to watch it.
  18. They chopped his head off!!!!!!!!!! WTF.

    This program is the nuts. Love it.
  19. Last scene of the latest episode , wow.

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