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Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by WolfCarnage, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. This is a site that was mentioned to me by ODB.

    Now the way I think it works is this. You find something you want on tinternet. In my case it was Lego City for Wii U. I found the best price I could which was WowHD for £36.99

    You then paste the page into Flubit and they run off and get a better offer from the company you found it at.

    I waited about a day for my offer to come back and it was the Lego City game for £31.35 which is about a quid cheaper than I could find it anywhere after using a coupon.

    So now I have 24 hours to accept the offer. I'll update you more if I decide to buy.
  2. I've requested a few deals from Flubit and the offer price seems to be around 15% percent cheaper.
    Also my purchase (I've only done one) was actually supplied by the same company that I requested a deal against although I paid Flubit via Paypal.

    All in all I would recommend Flubit and my only caution would be that you probably want to be 100% sure that you wish to pay that price if you agree to the deal as I'm not sure how easy it is to cancel .... please note that is not to say it cannot be done, it is probably just not as easy as say Amazon, or Zavvi.
  3. Just put the order in. Should be here around the 3rd May.

    The best price I found was using WowHD using a code off Facebook (by liking a link) and it got it down to just over £32

    Flubit came back cheaper so I'll give them a go. Nice to be able to pay by PayPal too.

    Seems too easy, but like you say, you have to find the absolute cheapest price possible and then submit your request.
  4. tried it for Lego City 3DS but as its showing as OOS @ Currys/PC World cant see them going for it
  5. Looks like they are now rolling out invites from requests to Flubit rather than open sign ups.

    No idea where this sits within the VGF rules but current Flubit members can send referral invites. However as this was available at the start I don't know if this necessarily circumvents the rolling invites from requests.

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