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Flamethrowers out! It's BC2 Vietnam weekend!!

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by flamingcarrot, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Head down the Ho Chi Mihn trail this weekend, folks. It's BC2 Vietnam time! :eek:la:

    The whole internet is ablaze with thoughts of whilrlybirds, flamethrowers and dynamite. Well, Reddit is, anyway.

    <a class="postlink" href="http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1bqam3/bc2_vietnam_weekend_april_1921st_2013_xpost/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments ... 013_xpost/</a>

    Hopefully the game will busy up all weekend. Be good to get back on there for a session or two.

    Post up below if you're going to be playing (and maybe what system you'll be on...)

    See you on the Battlefield. :thumb up:

  2. I'm going to be on tonight, and hopefully Saturday night. On PS3. flamingcarrot.

    See y'all there.
  3. I'll have some of that Carrot. Haven't played Vietnam in an age. Should be on after 22:00 as always.
  4. PS3, Boogalicious

    If I'm around and not jumped into the escapades just send a (friendly Lego Jon!) invite over.

    Bring on the mayhem. ;)
  5. Count me in but I will be sheet, so no change there. :rotfl:
  6. Think we're going to need a few of us, as the game is a little bit quiet at the moment. Hopefully it will busy up by tonight.
  7. Had a quick jump to Vietnam:

    First game of conquest, 2 v 1 (not including the two players who just joined the lone solider)

    Rush it more active though with a wide range of ranks playing I wasn't surprised to see the numbers dwindle to 3 v 2 after two games.

    It wasn't me causing people to quit mind you! I'm terribly rusty at the game...

    See you all on BC2 when I see you all. :p
  8. If it is pants then we can always play normal BC2 as I'm sure there are still a few players playing that, early in the evening anyhoo ... come midnight then everyone is off ;)
  9. I'll join the fun... maybe I can get my demolition kills for that Platinum this weekend?!

    bchoi (PS3)
  10. Not in Vietnam you won't (you need multi storey buildings).
    If you want a hand with that trophy then I'm happy to help, but you will need to enlist others.
  11. Wow, we'll that was just about the least amount of fun I've ever had on that game. Spawn trapped by choppers for a whole game. Joy.
  12. Sorry to hear that WC, there were alot of either really good players or really crap players tonight (I'm in the latter).

    Shame that the servers weren't more busy, someone should have promoted it better as it is still a great game to play.
  13. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of players online (at times).

    Sorry you had a bad experience, Wolf. I went to invite you across to our team, but you had already left...
  14. Yeah, it wasn't much fun being stuck on the wrong side and killed every time I spawned at base by two circling choppers. Couldn't believe it was a full game though. Had a bit of fun with my M40 taking out bush campers.
  15. @Banzai:
    Echoing Andy just shout whenever you need bodies in a collapsing building on BC2, unless you know of a better method playing squad deathmatch on opposing teams on Arica Harbour can work (it's a method I done with someone else, systematically going from building to building).

    I find the Vietnam maps to be ruthless if the enemy team manage to take all the flags, especially given quite poor placement of vehicles.

    Hope we're on the same side if you were to revisit BC2/Vietnam. :)
  16. hurrah , after giving bio shock a good battering and record store day today, yet another early start but some nice vinyl bought, I will be available tonight ( Sat) for some Nam ... Birmingnam.?.. no chelten nam not far from pecken nam :D
  17. Vietnam and BC2 were just as active as how fast people were to leave meaning finding a full game last night proved difficult.

    Other than last night featured small games with veterans exploiting poorly designed maps to spawn kill. So same old typical BC2.

    Come Monday, like Killzone (not necessarily for the same reasons) this game will once again be archived in my game pile - hopefully to preserve the fond memories when games were civil and creative rather than the cheap stagnant cesspool it's been neglected to.

    That said just shout Banzai when you want to get your Demo 2.0 kills.
  18. Dude, you sound pissed.

    That bad?
  19. I found it pretty bad too. Strange as I thought the game would be full of a more mature and civil gamer. My mistake.
  20. Have to agree with booga,

    The high points was playing with clan mates and realising that holding flags as a team was all part of the fun ,that and choi c4ing every building possible, plus one or two laughs along the way

    As for spawn camping .... It's still a mystery why people do it ... I always thought that the game was fought in and around the battlefield, flanking, or plain sneaking in to take held flags , or defending with strong team resulted in good games , I would still like to re visit BC2 / nam , but when the other team are spawn playing, that's me out

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