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FIFA 19 - League Sign Up

Discussion in 'VGFIFA - FIFA 19 League (PS4)' started by brunty, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Can you explain what a fifa league is? Or do you just play organised head to head?
  2. Fixtures get put up each week for you to arrange, you then play the games through online friendys with a team that gets given to you by us. Games also get played on 6 minute halfs so it only takes 12 minutes to play. After the game you put your score in our fifa engine, on there you will also see the stats like the league table, top goal scorers etc. The engine is like daddyleague but for fifa
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  3. Yep def interested.
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  4. Put me down please @brunty. Cheers
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  5. I’ll be in, put my name down. Gonna rip this league up this year.
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  6. the champ is in
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  7. Sorry forgot psn. It’s grumpyjack033. Btw only getting game end of week.
  8. Ok..
    Put me up on the list
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  9. Put my name down please
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  10. I’m in, gamer tag in below.
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  11. Any news on when, how, what yet?
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  12. Thanks for your efforts buddy
  13. Has this started yet guys? I enjoyed myself during the 18 league even if I didn't last the whole way. Would love to give this one a go as well.
  14. Being in looked to now I believe. Are you on telegram app if not then I would advise downloading it as the forum is a little dead now and a lot of stuff is done via this app.
  15. Get an app called telegram and let us know your username
  16. R McDonald

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