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FIFA 18 - Your Ideas

Discussion in 'VGFIFA - FIFA 18 League (PS4)' started by brunty, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. @Registered

    If anyone has any ideas for the new league you are more than welcome to post them here.
  2. Could we do more teams than just premier league this season, it just didn't have the impact the previous season did, there was loads of variation and people having to sell players to get their squads suitable to play with less than a certain number of 85 rated but this time I don't think anyone had to actively sell players to get there squad ready, it seemed more fun with varied teams the season before
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  3. @Keeno thank you for your suggestion and yes we are looking at that very idea at the mo of having more top teams from around europe, hopefully that will bring in a little more excitement for the new season.
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  4. Carrying on the same teams to season 2 would be good,
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  5. How about.....

    At the end of this season we do a World Cup?

    Group stages as close to the real thing as possible.
    Teams given out in order of world ranking to finishing league positions ie. bottoms place would get Germany, top place would get Iceland.
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  6. It's not a bad idea, will mention it towards end of season.
  7. Another one,

    How about goal of the month? Three winner gets a small cash prize of £100k and it's judged by a panel of three forum members? One or two non fifa.
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  8. think this was something @brunty was looking at doing for this season
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  9. Another idea (I’m on a roll)

    How about some derby games.....

    Ars v Spurs
    Nor v Ips
    Palace v Brighton
    Man U v Man C

    Just for fun

    Or how about the bottom 4 clubs do a Championship style play off at the end of the season to try and win the golden, silver, bronze and wooden spoon?
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