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FIFA 18 - World Cup Tournament

Discussion in 'FIFA 18 PS4 ******Completed*******' started by brunty, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. @VGFIFA League

    Congrats to @neil yapp on winning the league last season.

    We have decided to switch it up and do a world cup tournament to get you in the mood for the world cup. If you are intrested pop your name down. More info will follow in the next few days.

    Please do not join if you are not willing to be active and arrange your games.

    @neil yapp
    @Jonny ankers
    @Andrew Easton
    @Flame Veil
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    #1 brunty, Mar 22, 2018
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  2. im in dude
  3. I'm in....
  4. Yes I’m in
  5. I’m in
  6. Added myself
  7. Thought I was already down for this....i’m In.
  8. Has this started yet? Can I join in. I was inactive toward the end of the season which I apologise for. I can commit to this though.
  9. It's not started yet no, I'll put your name in post one.
  10. @VGFIFA League

    Can all that are still intrested post here please, I'll be getting everything set up and info posted over the next couple of days.
  11. I'm still intreasterd seam as I won u guys do a good job on here so we don't want time wasters
  12. Ok interested
  13. Yes me, let’s get this thing on the road!

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