Fifa 18 World Cup review


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Well here it is folks, the big World Cup update from Fifa, free as promised.

I've been playing it for a while now and here's what I think.

I managed to download the update as it was released and had a quick look at the set up. Everything pointed toward a different kind of FUT which was the bit I was interested in.

To start you it's a case of opening a starter pack and then playing a few games to open more packs.
My first team was pretty average, I managed to bag Dybala from my starter pack which I thought was pretty decent to build a team around. Having said that I noticed that pack wise, I was very Euro player top heavy which meant the chemistry on Dybala was a bit naff. Chemistry is now grouped into nationality and world zone so not too hard to juggle.

At this point I was hungry for more cards so like about 3 million other Fifa players I sold every card in the normal FUT game I had. This gave me enough cash to buy a lot of £7.5k packs and everyone knows what great fun it is to open packs!

Pack after pack seemed to produce walk out players, Kante, Pogba, Alves, Godin, Mbappe......the list went on.
It became quite difficult to decide but I finally built my team as a South American team, based on my strongest players, Messi, Dybala, Paulinho....etc.

I also cracked into the SBC's especially the National ICON SBC which gave me Puyol as a reward, bonus.

So onto the game play, I'm not a huge fan of online play due to the fact that my teams aren't always the greatest and I'm pretty average at best. This time however it felt like I was king as my team was full of superstars compared to everyone I was playing.

I've opened a considerable amount of packs now (probably over 60 x £7.5k) and completed the (repeatable) ICON SBC several times.


This is the team I've ended up with, pretty decent if I do say so myself. I've even got Gary Lineker and Rui Costa as back up.

By far the best player I've used so far is Maradona, he's just so adaptable in that CAM role. Messi is probably the player I'm most disappointed with, He seems so wasted out there on the RW, not sure why.