FIFA 18 League Signup



Hi All,

So we are officially one month from release date! (Unless your getting the Ronaldo Edition of course)

The FIFA Admin/Mods are now starting preparations for the new league with some exciting new ideas being talked about.

Please put your forum name and PSN name down below if you are interested in joining the league and more information will follow soon.

If you are yet to pre-order the game and are thinking about using Amazon then please use this link:

Ordering through our affiliate link helps run the site so this would be greatly appreciated!

If you have been living under a rock for the last few months, all the latest information on FIFA 18 can be seen here:

Looking forward to a new season, happy gaming everyone!


Currently Signed up
  1. RobbieBrewis - PSN: RobbieBrewis
  2. Wicksy - PSN: Wicksy__
  3. brunty - PSN: brunty135
  4. dantheman1977 - PSN: Hotspur77
  5. Keeno - PSN: Keeno37
  7. Neil Yapp - PSN: yappinho
  8. Aaron Day - PSN: ajday1986
  9. Deathbyfifa - PSN: Deathbyfifa
  10. Adam Nahum - PSN: AdamHotspurs2000
  11. BigYido - PSN: BigYido
  12. Nuzik - PSN: nuzik
  13. JMaestr01 - PSN: JMaestr01
  14. Sparky2005 - PSN: Sparky2005
  15. Jude - PSN: Jude-638
  16. Jackussbaby - PSN: jackussbaby
  17. PeleXI - PSN: GaziXI
  18. Bartell - PSN: bartell_
  19. Eaglewolfenstein - PSN: Eaglewolfenstein
  20. Andrew Easton - PSN: GiantGamer95
  21. Wolfcarnage - PSN: Wolfcarnage77
  22. Hutchydarts - PSN: Hutchydarts
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I'm getting Fifa but still thinking about joining the league. Shift work sometimes makes it difficult to arrange a time to play one league game a week. And then there's times where im free the whole week o_O


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Yeah I'll be getting it, do you guys know the plans for the league this year? Would like to know before I give a definite answer.