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#1 - Colts - G - Tate Bosher - Colts sure up their interior line for new franchise QB Mitchell Trubisky, getting some much needed support on the O line with the drafts top rated OL prospect. This Agile guard out of LSU can make an impact in both the running and passing game

#2 - Eagles - Edge - Sean Drayton - Eagles need a long term replacement for Brandon Graham on the edge, Drayton's size and power coming off the edge will add some much needed youth to the D line

#3 - Bengals - Interior D - Nagui Strickland - The Bengals opt to freshen up their ageing interior D line with a 6"7", 292lbs run stuffer out of Oklahoma who should make an instant impact on the porous Bengals D

#4 - Packers - Edge - Sean Pead - Packers get some much needed support on the edge of the D line after their move to 43 scheme, with this 6"5" hard hitting power rusher out of Nebraska

#5 - Cardinals - ILB - Delbert Holcombe - After a strong showing in the combine, the Cards opt for the mobile, tough tackling Linebacker out of Florida who can control the middle

#6 - Buccaneers - Interior D - Hassan Milburn - The Buccs opt to strengthen next to franchise DT Vita Vea with Speed Rushing DT Hassan Milburn out of Texas, they can really look to dominate at the LOS with this pairing

#7 - Browns - CB - Cameron Cherry - Browns need support in the secondary, so they take the top rated corner in the draft Cameron Cherry out of Wisconsin, typically a slot corner, the Browns will look to develop him to fit their system

#8 - Falcons - Interior D - Dareon Cook - Falcons desparately need interior OL help, but a case of BPA here means they have landed the second rated interior lineman in the draft out of Oklahoma

#9 - Broncos - ILB - Ross Dada - Broncos sure up the middle of the park with the top rated MLB in the draft, at 6"3", 240, Ross Dada will look to become the focal point of the Broncos Defense

#10 - Vikings - QB - Lane Steele - The Vikes need OL support to get Dalvin Cook going as the figurehead of their offense, but the no1 rated Strong Arm QB out of Texas A&M falls into their lap at 10 and they can’t turn it down

#11 - Steelers - S - Seth Dorris - Having traded away superstar safety Terrell Edmunds, the Steleers plug the gap in the secondary with highly rated, big hitter, Dorris out of Florida

#12 - Dolphins - WR - Timmy Cox - Dolphins need to invest in skill positions and after a strong showing in the combine, Timmy Cox is their man at 12

#13 - Packers (Via NO) - T - Christian Walford - Packers need some O line help and they get this with the draft's top rated tackle drops to them at 14. Tremendous in the pass game, he can likely make the transition to LT and plug the hole left by David Bakhtiari's departure, defending Arod's blind side

#14 - Vikings (Via JAX) - T - Gage Lewis - Slight reach here based on projected draft position given the scarcity of OL projected with grades of rounds 1-2, but the Vikes need OL help, so look to Gage Lewis, an agile LT from Texas

#15 - Ravens - LB - Parker Beatty - Ravens need help in the heart of the defense, up step 43 OLB , at 6"3" 244, can likely make the transition to MLB and become a leader on the famous Ravens defense

#16 - Giants - CB - Bernard Hackett - Giants pick up Hackett who had a monster combine. He is typically a slot corner with some man to man qualities, so the Giants will look to develop him in their scheme

#17 - Packers (Via NYJ) - TE - Faysal Johnson - Packers get a new weapon for ARod, with monster vert threat TE our of Alabama. Coming in at 6"6", 263, he's bound to make an instant impact with Rodgers throwing to him

#18 - Titans - HB - Bennett Pennel - HB is a position of need for Titans, so they pick up the top rated HB in the draft Bennett Pennel, an elusive runner out of Harvard

#19 - Rams - CB - Francis Richards - Rams need a no2 corner to sit opposite ball hawk Marcus Peters. Highly rated Richards plugs that gap and gives opposing QBs more problems with his Zone skills.

#20 - Chargers - C - Devin Raymond - OL is a huge need for the Chargers and they pick up Power Center Devin Raymond to help with the interior heat facing QB Curtis Blackwell - could easily transition to guard

#21 - Lions (Via Pitt) - T - Lawrence Whitley - Lions have traded away some OL recently, leaving some large holes. Up step 6"8" Whitley out of Penn State who could transition to RT, giving some more structure to the exterior O line and much needed protection for Holloway

#22 - 49ers - CB - Marc Harrington - Harrington had a monster combine and will add some much needed depth to the 9ers secondary. Primarily a slot corner, the 9ers will look to develop him into their scheme

#23 - Bills - Interior D - Ellis Kemp - Bills need help inside to dominate at the LOS, 6"5", 287 Kemp gives them some additional run stuffing abilities

#24 - Seahawks - T - TJ Hodel - Hawks have never really replaced Duane Brown, so TJ Hodel can add some much needed power to the outside of the Hawks O line to protect the mobile Russ

#25 - Steelers (Via Washington) - Interior D - Howard Greer - Steelers need some depth in the interior line, which Kansas run stuffer Greer can provide

#26 - Patriots - Edge - Long Farmer - Pats head coach loves farms and edge rushers - no brainer

#27 - Raiders - MLB - Howard Blair - Raiders have no depth in the heart of their line backing corps, which tough tackler Blair can easily solve. He will be in the action if anyone manages to get through that Raiders D line

#28 - Cowboys - WR - KJ Bentley - With much higher position needs further up the draft, the Cowboys get a steal at 28 overall, with 6"5" KJ Bentley, immediately becoming #1 WR on the Cowboys

#29 - Texans - Interior D - Mavin Ramsey - Texans depth up front was tested to the limits last season, so they get some much needed depth in the interior with Michigan State product Ramsey

#30 - Bears - QB - Griffin Stanton - Bears signed Kirk Cousins to a deal, however they need a long term replacement. Cousins is keen to nurture young talent and should help Stanton develop from a backup

#31 - Chiefs - Interior D - Tank Pile - Interior linemen seem to be a heavy need in this draft, with Chiefs managing to pick up Pile, a power rusher out of Clemson to give them some much needed support

#32 - Panthers - T - Morris Crawford - Panthers desperately need to protect injury prone Cam Newton after his multiple surgeries. Crawford adds some much needed exterior protection
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