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Favourite Take-away

Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by Realale, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Indian all the way. If i have one with my gf which is usually more the case then it is:

    4x Popadoms
    Chicken Korma
    Lamb Rogan Josh or Lamb Bhuna
    Saag Aloo
    2x Pilau Rice
    Keema Naan
    Peshawri Naan
    Large Mint Dip (Green stuff not raita)

    If i am on my own or with friends then it is a different ball game:

    2x Popadoms
    Pilau Rice
    Lamb Vindaloo or Lamb Phal
    Lamb Madras
    Chicken Tikka Masala (Sweet)
    Saag Aloo
    Keema Naan
  2. good choice!!!!! didnt know they did them anywhere else they are a north east thing

    absolutely beautiful
  3. I love takeaways!

    Kebabs! Love a good kebab...mixed donner and chicken at my local one is pretty good. Best chicken kebab I've found.
    Chinese I like to try lots of things. A speciality at one of my locals is a Phoenix Dragon and that is good. Where I used to live in Wakefield did the best Chinky curry and lemon chicken and chilli chicken (which is just chicken, chilli, spice and soy...amazing!), good old egg fried rice, ribs, spring roll and a pot of Peking sauce!
    Curry I do try pretty much anything! Love a good dhansak, pathia, tikka...even a nice korma! A local to where I am does one which is like a tikka massall balti mix with massive chick peas.
    Pizza I could eat every day. Used to work at Dominos so tried nearly every combination possible! Pizza Express is a good eat in place.

    Fish and chips is a different story. I grew up in a fishing town and I know what proper fish and chips is. Feel sorry for those who haven't been to the seaside and eaten proper fish and chips! Freshest I've had was hours old from line to plate....mmmm...
  4. yerh i occasionally got to this small fishing village just outside brighton. They do the best Plaice and chips i have ever had. They go out in the morning before they open and catch all the fish and then i come along around 3ish so im assuming it like fozzeh said where few hours from line to plate. I dont eat fish from normal fish and chip shops. Usually go for pucka pie or savoloys.
  5. I also live in a seaside town, so plenty of fresh fish about. My favourite fish n chip shop does what they call a "Moby Dick" which is one fucking huge piece of cod, bloody delicious.
  6. Cod? Pfft! Haddock all the way matey!
  7. Had a fish platter at my local chippy yesterday, cod, haddock, plaice, hake, scampi and calimari. Was bloody delicious.
  8. Bloody hell, you have posh chippies!
  9. It is a rather good one. It's on the harbour front, next to where a load of the fishing boats come in, so they get a good selection of fresh as you can get fish. Damn good chips too :thumb up:
  10. Perks of living by the sea. I am just about as far from the sea as you can physically get in the UK.
  11. Same here mate! We'll never be flooded but at the same time the fish and chips are never top notch, although our local chippie ain't half bad!
  12. Tsunami proof ;)
  13. Yup Northamptonshire is officially the county furthest from any coastline.

    Wow now there's a claim to fame(!) :D
  14. My favourite takeaway? Chinese, difinately Chinese - I prefer KFC to a Chinese takeaway but it's a family tradition to have a Chinese Takeaway when it's one of our birthdays where we all gather around my parents house so it's more the family gathering than the meal itself!

  15. For me it's a place called Pizza Plus near where I live. The pizzas are reasonably priced and arguably nicer to me than Dominos and theu do beautiful nuggets and kebab wraps. Can't get enough of it.

    Friends have always laughed at me for my Chinese order though. I usually only ever get chips and sausage and chicken balls
  16. Is this a resurrection record?? :clap:
  17. Well the thead was started by the best person on here ever :rofl:
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